Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two Month Checkup

Anna had her two month checkup yesterday. She is now 11 lb 13 oz and 23 1/4 inches long and her head is 39 cm (which by the way was how big Benjamin's was at birth!). She was 75th percentile for all her measurements, so I guess you could say she is very proportional! It's hard to believe she's gained 5 pounds already! Everything checked out with her and the Dr. said she was doing great! So that was good to hear, but unfortunately she also had to have her first shots!!! Boo!!! Dave and Benjamin left me to do the dirty work, so to speak and it was pretty sad! She had to get 5 shots and one oral vaccine. She did good with the oral one, but cried so hard with the shots. She had tears welling up in her eyes, which she's never cried tears before...so that was pretty pitiful! But soon fortunately it was over and she settled to sleep. She seems to feel fairly good after; no fevers or fussiness, just a little more sleepy. Last night I was cooking dinner and she was hanging out with me sitting in her high chair and she fell asleep just sitting there, which she's never done before......

Today Anna seems to be doing really well and even gave me a wonderful surprise....she laughed!!! She smiles when she's falling asleep and a few times has laughed too. But today, she laughed while awake and she actually kept doing it over and over for like 10 minutes! So sweet!!!!!!!

And here's what my silly son looked like this morning...Mickey Mouse jammies on, giraffe rain boots, and working on his tools! He's a trip! :)

Funny Conversation
Dave just came home and he, Benjamin, and I were standing together talking and Benjamin lifted up my shirt and was looking at my belly....
Benjamin: This? (pointing to my scar from the c-section I had with him)
Me: That's where Benjamin came out of Momma's belly.
Benjamin: No! Anna out Momma's belly!
Me: You came out of Momma's belly too, when you were a baby.
Benjamin: No! Anna out Momma's belly!
Me: Well if you didn't come out of Momma's belly like Anna did, then where did you come from when you were a baby?
Benjamin: In* out Daddy's belly!!!
Followed by Benjamin and me laughing and Dave looking horrified!
*In is how he says Benjamin

Sunday, April 27, 2008

2 Months Old!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, Anna turned two months old on Saturday!!!! My does time fly by! Here she is with her bear in the rocking chair. We're going to take a picture like this each month to see how big she's getting....you can look back to the post a month ago to see how much she's grown.

We went down to my parents for the weekend because we were having a reunion with my dad's family. It was fun to get Anna and Kayla together again. Here they are all ready to travel!


We took Anna and Kayla over to meet their cousins (my cousin's twins). They are identical twin boys that were born 16 days before Anna (but they are preemies, that's why Anna's the biggest!) and Kayla was born 13 days after Anna, so they were all born within 30 days. I was super excited to put them all together and get their picture! It was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen! :)

Benjamin didn't seem confused by all the babies like we thought he might be. He was really good at knowing which baby was Anna and Kayla. This is him counting them 1,2,3,4....so cute! :) He would put his finger on each baby's head as he counted them! Then tonight as I was downloading the pictures of the all the babies together he saw them on the computer and started saying, "both babies, both babies!"

It was kind of like a baby convention!

Here was Anna this morning all dressed up and ready for church and our family reunion. It was great getting to see all my family and have them meet Anna! Benjamin had so much fun too!

Here's my little cupcake happy to be home and in her seat tonight (she has cupcakes on her shirt by the way)!

And finally, Anna sucked her thumb for the second time tonight (the first time we didn't have a camera)! It's really sweet to see her doing it!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too! God Bless!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

This ought to make you smile.....

Well we sure have been busy around here. With the weather nicer, we've been visiting the park and spending lots of time outside. That makes it really nice for Benjamin and me to get out of the house!!! Benjamin's growing up so much and becoming quite the little guy! Anna of course is growing fast as babies always do! She's gotten bigger and is staying awake a lot more and starting to get some personality! She's gotten a lot stronger too and will push off Dave and my chest and hold herself up for quite some time. Benjamin and Anna have become a lot more interested in each other too. Anna really likes looking at Benjamin and he loves talking to her and showing her toys. Anna has been cooing and talking more and Benjamin seems to really be tickled by that. He tries to mimic all the sounds she makes! It's really sweet to see them together, but it makes my job a little more stressful as I always have to keep my eyes on the two of them as Benjamin's loving and attention isn't always baby-appropriate! Well, here are some recent pictures........

The other day at lunch, Benjamin lost his shirt and so later he was snacking on the couch and Dave said he looked like a drunken pirate! But I thought he looked sweet! You decide.....

After the snack things got a little wild......
Benjamin loves taking care of Anna. Here he is buckling her in her bouncy seat! She just stares at him!!!

And here's our little cupcake! She's becoming quite the cute little girl! :)

I finally captured my baby girl smiling! I was so excited when it happened yesterday!!! One day last week Dave had taken care of Anna pretty much all evening while I spent some time with Benjamin and took care of dinner. After I put Benjamin to bed, I came over and started talking to her. And I guess because she hadn't spent time with me in awhile, she was happy to see me and started smiling as soon as I started talking to her! It was the sweetest thing, she smiled more that day than she ever has. My face hurt from smiling afterwards!!!! As you can see below, it's quite a sweet smile!!!

And here she is cooing at me!

We had another special moment yesterday too. Big boy Benjamin opened our sliding door! It's a heavy door and he's never been able to do it before. It was so funny when he did it, Dave and I were so shocked and then we looked at Benjamin's face and he had a huge smile, but you could tell he was pretty shocked with himself too! I guess now we have to figure out how to child-proof a sliding door!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I've had this outfit for awhile and was very excited to put it on Anna, she's such a sweet little sunshine!


"Hey, big brother!"

Benjamin has become quite the paternal one lately! He loves helping out with Anna and recently he has started putting his Dora and Diego dolls in Anna's baby swing. He buckles them both in (safety first, you know), then he has me turn the music on for them and he rocks them back and forth. He actually got mad at me the other day because I took Dora out so I could put Anna in. I guess we know who is priorities go to! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008


On Friday, Benjamin got a basketball goal and ball and he loves it. He plays with it everyday and is getting really good at it!

On Friday Dave gave Anna her first bottle. She did pretty good with it, but would get mad every time Dave stopped her to burp her. I just thought it was so sweet how she locked eyes with Dave and looked at him the whole time!

One day last week my friend, Rachel, came for a visit and to meet Anna. We had a great time and Benjamin warmed up to her really quickly and had a lot of fun! FYI, his lips are blue because I gave him his first push pop...he liked it!

We took Anna to church for the first time yesterday, so of course we had to put her in a dress! This was actually the first dress I bought for her once I knew she was a girl. I think she looks really pretty in purple!
Benjamin loves taking care of his sister!

This isn't that good of a picture, but I thought it was so funny when I looked over and saw all five of my babies (Benjamin, Anna, my dog Zoe, and two cats Milo and Pepper).

We were able to get a family picture yesterday too!

This one is kind of blurry, but I thought all of our smiles were so nice! By the way, I had to bribe my son with chocolate to get him to sit and smile for pictures!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fits, Dresses, and Helmets

Benjamin has been on a big independence kick. He gets so mad about not getting to do the smallest things, like turning off a light, shutting a door, taking off his socks, etc. He starts crying and says "Big Boy!" over and over until you let him do what he wanted to do. It's been a little much lately, because he's doing it like 20 times a day! No kidding! A couple nights ago, he really got going. It was one fit after another and he didn't calm down from the last one, so by the end he was just screaming and crying and running around the house mad! Dave hadn't ever seen him get into a full blown fit and I think he was a little shocked! He made me take this picture of him when he was first started....it got much worse though! Dave wanted me to video tape it so we could embarrass him with it when he was older, but I thought that was a bit cruel!

This is how Anna looked during the fit! Dave thought it was funny how she was holding her hand under her chin like this!

I got Anna's baptism dress in the mail yesterday. I got 0-3 months because she's still in newborn clothes and we're baptizing her in about 2 months. So I wanted to see how it fitted her, to see if I got the right size. It was pretty big on her, so I think it should fit two months from now. I was so excited to have her in the dress and thought she looked so pretty, I couldn't resist taking some pictures....

The matching sweater is really big on her! Looks like she has some growing to do! I also got matching shoes and tights!!!! :)

It's really funny to me how Benjamin reacts to when I'm giving Anna lots of attention, like dressing her, talking to her when she's awake, etc. I would have thought he'd get jealous and fussy. But instead, he just becomes interested in her too. He climbs on the bed or lays next to her when she's on the activity mat and he talks to her too and gives her kisses and rubs her head. It's so sweet and makes my heart really happy! I guess he loves her!

I asked Benjamin to lay next to Anna so I could take a picture of them together to show how much bigger he is. With the whole Big Boy craze, he of course thought this was great! I think this picture is so cute, it looks like Anna is smiling a little bit too! And you gotta love Benjamin's bed-head!!!!

I took this picture of Anna with her clothes off to show how much she is growing! She's starting to plump up and looking sooooo cute!!!! I thought she'd be changing sizes of clothes soon, but I guess she hasn't grown quite has much as I thought.

Since it's finally warm outside, I figure Benjamin will be riding his bike outside soon. So we went to the grocery store yesterday (our first time going with all four of us by the way.....quite the adventure) and I bought Benjamin a helmet. To prove that my son does in fact have the largest head ever (as if him being over the growth charts his entire life isn't enough, nor the fact I pushed for five hours and he didn't budge) guess what size I had to buy him???? Well the smallest size is 3 years +, so I figured, he's two that should work right? Nope! I had to get him a 5 years + helmet!!!! How crazy is that! He liked trying it on and has been playing with it all morning, hopefully he likes wearing it on his bike too!

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Fabulous Weekend

We had one heck of a good weekend! So prepare yourself for a long post!! :)
On Saturday we spent the afternoon at the park. The weather was finally nice! Yea!

Anna and her Daddy on her first trip to the park!

We had a yummy picnic!

Benjamin had a lot of fun on the playground......

and walking his dog!

We kept Benjamin up way past his nap time and he played so hard that he fell asleep in the car. When I looked back and saw him falling asleep, I started laughing and he heard me and he started smiling with his eyes closed. So that just made me laugh harder which made him laugh while sleeping. It was really funny!

By the time we got home we had two sleeping angels in the back seat!

Yesterday we went to meet my sister Katie's baby, Kayla, for the first time. Here we are, two sisters with baby girls only 13 days apart in age!

We enjoyed trading babies and meeting our nieces too!

The highlight of the visit though was getting the two babies together. By some miracle they happened to be awake and alert at the same time. So we laid them down together and they were so calm and happy to be together. It was so adorable to see!

Holding hands!
One last kiss!!!!!!!!!!

We continued to have a fun day when Dave's sister, Kelly, got to meet Anna for the first time! I think she's happy to finally have a niece!
I thought these two shirts matched, so I made Dave and Benjamin wear them and of course had to get a picture before the day was over. My two cute boys!