Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Year Of Anna

Our sweet Anna is one year old today! It's hard to believe we've had a whole year with our cupcake! To celebrate her, I thought I'd post pictures of her from each month from the past year.

~On the day of her birth, February 26th, 2008~

~One Month Birthday, March 26th, 2008~

~Two Month Birthday, April 26th, 2008~

~Three Month Birthday, May 26th, 2008~

~Four Month Birthday, June 26th, 2008~

~Five Month Birthday, July 26th, 2008~

~Six Month Birthday, August 26th, 2008~

~Seven Month Birthday, September 26th, 2008~

~Eight Month Birthday, October 26th, 2008~

~Nine Month Birthday, November 26th, 2008~

~Ten Month Birthday, December 26th, 2008~

~Eleven Month Birthday, January 26th, 2009~

~One Year Birthday, February 26th, 2009~

It's been a wonderful 12 months and we love our girl so much! She has changed so much and is getting so big! She has recently started standing on her own and yesterday she took her first step! It wasn't very balanced and she pretty much immediately fell into Daddy's arms, but it's a start!!! :)

She gives kisses, hugs, and blows kisses. She waves, points, claps, and gives hi-fives. She loves to dance and is such a happy girl. Recently, she is making a funny "stinker face". She has also recently started to blow if you blow first.......getting ready to blow out those candles!

She's saying so much! I'm gonna try and remember it all here: Hi! Momma! Dada/Daddeeyyy! Hi Dada! Dog! Cat! Hi Cat! A-boo (peak-a-boo)! Ahv uu (love you)! Ight (light)! I think that's all so far, I can't believe she can say so much before even turning one!!!

Unfortunately, it hasn't been a very good birthday so far! She's sick and feeling pretty bad. Yesterday, we took them to the doctor and Anna has an ear infection and Benjamin has a sinus infection and croup. So we have some sickies in our house! Hopefully, they will be all better by her party on Saturday. Until then we will just continue having birthday ice cream to make everyone feel better! :)

She only wore the dress for the picture. The rest of her birthday she has a cute cupcake shirt that says "Anna" on it! :) Get better sweet girl!

Monday, February 23, 2009

How Do You Relax?

How do you relax and enjoy the day?

Perhaps by playing around in a box???

Or maybe just by kicking back on the couch in your pjs with a snack????

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Free At Last

We have been letting Anna be free in the bath lately and she and Benjamin both seem to enjoy it!


Anna has been changing a lot lately! She must realize that she's about to have a birthday or something! She is now saying cat, dog, and light! It is really cute and she always points to one of them and says it! :) She's been standing on her own more and more too (no steps yet though!).

Here she is saying, "Dog!"

Pointing to said dog!

Being silly!

Unfortunately, she has been learning how to throw fits when she doesn't get her way also! It's kind of cute in her own way. She throws her body to the ground.........

waits a bit..............

throws in a few fusses for good measure.................

and then moves on as quickly as she got upset! Saying "Cat"!!!!

"Come on cat! Come to me!"

"Okay, I'll come get you then!"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Birthdays and a Trip to the Zoo

I can't begin to tell you how much this post has caused me anguish! I tried and tried and tried and tried again to make it work. But my computer was not feeling too friendly over the last few weeks. After much disappointment, I was finally able to get it tonight! Wahoo! So you better enjoy this one! :) I got some of the pictures onto a post before it stopped working for me, but couldn't load to that post again. So this is broken into two posts....basically just bare with me!

Not this past weekend, but the weekend before, we went down to have a family get together with Dave's family with all of his siblings and their spouses, children and Dave's parents. It was a wonderful time to have together. I especially enjoyed getting the cousins together, not surprising though...that's always my favorite part! :)

The reason we were getting together was b/c it was Dave's mom, Frankie's birthday. For her birthday we all went and got our picture taken for the first time. I personally, was thrilled with how it turned out!

Benjamin and Jack had matching pajamas they had gotten from Grandma for Christmas. They were so cute in them!


I think this may be my favorite picture of all! They were so cute and just ran around, back and forth together.......just as happy as can be!

Off they go!

Anna can blow kisses now! She actually won't wave bye anymore. When you tell her to wave bye, she starts blowing her kisses instead!

Our nephew Jack is crazy cute and has become quite the camera ham! He smiles as soon as he sees the camera! I told his Momma to take advantage of this!!!

Dave's parents had a bunch of tree damage from an ice storm we just had. So one day that it was nice all the boys went out and helped clean up. Oh and by boys, I mean Benjamin goggles and gloves and all!!!

Aren't they cute together?!?!?!

Playing in the leaves!

I thought it was so funny that Jack just laid down in the grass like this!

Grandma, the birthday girl, opening presents!

Unfortunately, Dave had to go back to work on Monday. But we stayed and visited a few more days. We ventured out to the zoo and all the kids had a really great time!

"I can see everything from up here, Grandpa!!!"

See the post below for more pictures from our trip.................

Friday, February 13, 2009

Birthday Trip continued.......

Benjamin was so cute using these binoculars. It made him seem so old to me!!!

Me and the kiddos! Anna pointed to all (and by all, I mean of the animals. It was so cute! We kept switching which side we were holding her on, so one arm wouldn't get too tired!

Grandparents and grand kids!!!!

"Look a penguin!!!"

"Another one!!!"

All three kids had a lot of fun playing on this turtle! Benjamin was cute and kept feeding it leaves!

Fortunately, we were able to catch up with my family a few times too! Including my cousin's twins' birthday party! I can't believe they are one!!! Benjamin with the birthday boys, Will and Sam!