Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comfy Seat

We drove to the nearest Babies R Us this past weekend to get another car seat. We wanted to go ahead and get Little Three's seat b/c that way Dave can have a car seat in his car and help w/ Benjamin getting to/from preschool until Little Three is big enough to need it. We were pleasantly surprised when we found one with a pattern that was being discontinued and they only had one left, so it was 10% off plus I had a coupon and we ended up getting it for a lot less than we thought! Yea! I was happy too b/c it's girly!!!! Dave usually won't agree to anything girly, so it was a treat! So, Anna will get the new one and Little Three will get her old one that's neutral in case it's a boy. Anna enjoyed trying out the seats for us and would say "Comfy!" every time she got in a new one!

Benjamin's been into drawing and coloring a lot lately. Here's a couple of his recent works.......
We were really impressed that he did such a good job tracing this one!

Can you see his little eye?

One morning while I was blissfully sleeping in, Dave got himself into trouble. He allowed Benjamin to push Anna around in the baby's (toy) stroller, even though I had already established a rule that only the dolls could get in it. Made for a cute sight though!

I finished my first project for Little Three today. I made some scratch mittens and a matching hat...........

Little Three modeling the new accessories.........

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Water Table

I've been wanting to get a water table practically since before summer even really started. We don't have a very big variety of stores here, so after checking Target and not liking their selection I found one online that I liked. The problem was, that the stores that carried it mostly only had it online and they wanted to charge half the price of the table for shipping. I'm not super frugal (much to Dave's dismay), but that was more than I could handle. While we were visiting my parents this past weekend, I went to Toys R Us and found a really cheap one that didn't include the actual table part. I decided that would do just fine for us and we could just use a table we already have. Poor Benjamin had to wait several days for us to get home and then for me to get it put together (which was quite a task!). Needless to say, he was really excited when he finally got to play with it!!!

PS Anna lost her dress b/c she decided the water didn't need to stay in the toy but should be splashed/poured out as if she were in the tub/pool (and if you can figure a way to tell this girl no and have it mean something to her, then I'm all ears)!!! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun Weekend + Snap Happy Dave = Lots of Pictures!!!

We went down to my parents' house this weekend for some family time and hoping to swim. The weather was crazy cool for July, so just Dave and I got in the (heated) pool. But we still managed to have lots of fun. Dave went crazy with the camera this weekend, so forgive me for the plethora of pictures in this post!

We went to Huber's Petting Zoo, which is really, really cool now! They have sooooo much for the kids to do!

Benjamin was scared to feed the animals at first, but quickly warmed up to the idea and had a lot of fun. And Anna? Well, Anna's never afraid! ;)

Anna pointing up to Benjamin sliding down!

Anna went halfway up the ladder and decided it was hard work and she was happy just to slide back down that instead (which also made Momma very happy too)!

The big hit was this huge tunnel slide they had built. I enjoyed seeing everyones' reactions as they came down! Benjamin went first.......

Then Daddy and Anna! I love how Benjamin is bending over looking at them!

In every shot, Dave has a funny expression and Anna is just smiling away! In his defense, it was a crazy fast slide!

Here comes Aunt Katie!

Benjamin loves any special time he can have with Katie! He had a hard time when Katrina came along and he had to share Katie with her! He really loves both his aunts a lot!!!!

Somehow I let Katie and Dave pressure me into going down the slide. Here we are trekking up the hill!

I would not recommend going down fast, long slides with a kid on your lap and a baby in your belly!!!

They had lots of different animals for the kids to feed. I really like dairy cows, esp babies!!!

Benjamin was tickled by the horse b/c it would gobble up all the food using only its lips! This pony had a little bitty baby too!

Anna pointing out the baby goat!

Benjamin enjoyed feeding the Momma goat. She was really hungry and he understood that it was b/c she had to feed her baby!

They tried really hard to feed these beautiful deer, but there was a goat in there stealing all the food. Benjamin's take on it, "That pesky goat sure is hungry!"

Benjamin got to drive his first motor-operated vehicle. They had tractors that he could push the pedal and make go. It was a little difficult for him at first, but he got the hang of it! I was thankful my mom was able to help him maneuver around a bridge they had for the tractors to go over!

Before church we went over to my grandparents' house. My grandma had a very special present for Benjamin. She's making blankets for her great-grandchildren and Benjamin got to be the first recipient! He was overjoyed with the blanket (which is so beautiful and soft)!!!!

Pretending to be asleep with his new blanket! He asked to sleep with it the very next time he went to sleep! He's so excited b/c he says,"now I have two blankets to sleep with, one to wear (the new yellow one) and one to cuddle (his older one that's smaller)!" :)

Thank you Grandma Heidi!

I thought this was an amazing picture Dave took of Katrina and her mommy!

Benjamin had fun with Grandpa Stewart too!!!

Grandma and Grandpa with two of their granddaughters and their great-grandchildren!

Another fun picture Dave took of Anna at lunch!

My Aunt Mildred was able to join us for lunch! Yay family!

Some recent kids news/funnies:
Anna: Anna got her 7th tooth yesterday. It's her fourth one on the top! I hope she can take a break for a little bit from teething now....the poor girl has been working hard!
Last week I made cupcakes for small group. Benjamin had been watching a cartoon where a pig is allergic to peaches and sneezes all the time. He came into the kitchen where I was to tell me something. Instead he spotted the cupcakes on the counter and started dancing around and gleefully yelling, "Cupcakes!" Afterward, he turned to me and said, "I not allergic to cupcakes!!!" I thought it was funny, so I called Dave and told him about it. He decided to try and tease Benjamin a little bit and pretend he was allergic to the cupcakes when he got home. He came into the kitchen and kept pretend sneezing. Benjamin was totally not responding to Dave, so finally Dave asked him if maybe he was allergic to the cupcakes. Benjamin's response...."No you are not Daddy! You are just making your body do that! Stop doing that, you are not allergic to cupcakes Daddy, you are just being silly!" :)
Yesterday, I changed quite a stinky Anna diaper.
Me, to Benjamin: "Whew! That was a really stinky diaper Anna made!
Benjamin: "Yeah, but our still love her!"

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Want To Go Spinning?

The kiddos were W-I-L-D tonight! To burn off some energy, we had them play and do different things before bed. The biggest hit was spinning!

She's saying, "Whoa!"
There was some good old fashion lovin' too! :)

Some upside down activity!

And some big time silliness. You can never have enough silliness, right?

Hmmm, maybe not....Anna quite often experiences more than enough! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Little Momma

If you read my post from when we went to the museum this past weekend, then you heard about how much Anna loves babies. I went and got her a baby doll and stroller yesterday and she couldn't be happier. She is a fierce little momma and doesn't much care to share her baby. She pushes the doll around in the stroller, shows me the baby's body parts (esp. eyes), hugs and kisses the baby, feeds the baby a bottle, and tries her hardest to keep the baby from the clutches of her brother! It's quite hilarious to watch! Here she's hugging the baby, saying, "Awe!"

My baby with her baby! :) Dave's reaction......"This is weird, less than a year and a half ago she was inside you and now she's playing with her own baby???"

"Watch out brother, that's mine!" Poor Benjamin!

Time for a walk. She mostly just pulls the stroller backwards, which is kind of weird.....but she's having a blast!

Time for a bottle! She walks around asking, "Milk?" I go and find her milk cup and give it to her and she pushes it away and tells me no. She wants her baby's milk, not her own. Duh, Mom! :)

So sweet!

We have a very pleased little girl! Hopefully having her own baby will help Little Three survive the first months of life a little more pleasantly for all!
Speaking of Little Three, I found out today that I passed my three hour glucose test......which means no gestational diabetes!!!! Yay!!! So it looks like we just have a big baby on the way! Prayers are appreciated!
Since this post is full of Anna, I thought I'd leave you with a Benjamin funny. Today he ran around saying, "I'm the king of the castle! Don't be afraid! I always keep my people!" For emphasis, he would get right in Anna's face and declare again, "Anna, you not be afraid!!!" I feel much less fear knowing this, I'm not so sure about Anna though!