Saturday, December 29, 2012

Rest of Christmas & Benjamin is 7!

So we have been overtaken by germs in this house....about a month's worth of at least one of us being sick. Thus, the very long delay in blogging. I really have my work cut out for me catching up. Here goes! (Fyi, this is going to be've been warned!)

We enjoyed more Christmas fun with our extended families. Here are the kiddos excited to open presents at Grandma's!

Eva was so interested in this present that we almost didn't want to unwrap it. It was really cute as it even matched her outfit!

Collin was very excited to receive his very own video game!

Benjamin happily discovered Captain America toys and a light up pillow pet that he has been yearning for for months!

We had lots of rounds of Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots!

Dave got a surprise. He hates glitter and makes no secret of it. So my sister put it all over his wrapping paper, it was so funny!

We had a fun visit to the science museum with Katie and Katrina.

Eva enjoyed a very special snuggle with her Great Grandma. She laid back and went right to sleep, it was so sweet!

We spent Benjamin's birthday at the bowling alley, celebrating Angry Bird style!

Eva hung out with Grandpa during the festivities.

Benjamin had a grand time bowling!

The kids were so cute cheering each other on.

They even had a special ramp for the little guys to enjoy some bowling fun.

Our cute Anna!

He really had a wonderful time!

Some of my cousins were nice enough to come and without even knowing the theme, Clara was dressed perfectly!

Happy Birthday to you!

Benjamin was so pleased with his cake and Angry Birds/Pigs cake balls (my first attempt) and very thankful! He's such a wonderfully, sweet guy!

Sugar! Yay!

On to presents...

The night before Benjamin's birthday we got quite the snow! The poor guy was terrified that his party would have to be cancelled. God had us covered though as the bowling alley was open (boy was he overjoyed when he found that out!) but we still got a wonderful amount of snow to play in. After the party, we met up with Dave's brothers and enjoyed some sledding! The kids were so happy! Especially Anna...she easily went up and down three times as many as any of the boys did!

Eva even bundled up and watched the excitement.

It was a wonderful fun for the kids to have with their cousins!

Collin bonded with Mike and stuck close to him most of the time for lots of fun together!

 Not surprising at all, the three brothers turned the sledding time into a snow ball fight which the kids were more than happy to join in on.

 It had been quite the full day at this point, but we weren't finished. We headed off to my Aunt Debbie's for more Christmas fun. The kiddos were a bit worn out at this point and crashed on the way.

They woke up to more good times, including yummy treats like Aunt Debbie always has!

Fun games with their cousins!

My cousin's boys wanted to wrestle with Dave. He told him no way since their wasn't any carpet, they would get hurt. It was the cutest thing....without missing a beat, they ran off and came back with one of their play rugs! How could Dave say no to that? ;)

It was a blessed time! Hope to have more posts soon!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 25th, 2012

We had more fun on Christmas morning. The kids looked so cute in their Christmas jammies!

Collin found a helicopter from Santa!

Benjamin was so surprised about his Green Lantern toy!

Anna was filled with joy about her new castle!

Everybody was more than happy to help Eva with her presents!

Collin was so tickled that the biggest present was for him!

He let Eva borrow his big present (a new Mickey bean bag) for a picture. Anna has a bean bag in her room and he drools after it, so we decided to surprise him with his very own. It was a great morning with our four sweeties!

Everyone wanted to play with Anna's Little People castle and there was quite a bit of fighting which was frustrating....

so we re-directed with a special Christmas breakfast including waffles with Daddy's new waffle maker. We even put candles in them and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!

Then we moved onto stockings!

We then packed up (a lot) and headed to Grandma's house. Notice how Collin's expression in another attempt at a family picture looks familiar? ;)

My littles!

Merry Christmas 2012!!!