Saturday, September 29, 2012

End of Soccer '12

Benjamin's fan club.

One last fun time playing.

Kicking the ball in.

Slide tackle

Dave had the parents line up so we could high-five each player which was really cool for the kids!

Team of great kids.

Metal time!

Go Tuscan Raiders (their team name) and Collin (see him down on the ground in blue...sticking close to his Daddy!).

Here's my sweet boy. They didn't give Dave enough metals so Benjamin went up and gave his to another kid without anyone asking him to!

I love that they get to enjoy soccer together!

The boys went for a jog and found our loving Benjamin a new metal.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This & That

The kids new favorite activity is to get a whole host of items and create beds for themselves and pretend together.

Daddy came home sick one day (just a sinus headache, not contagious) and when Eva was getting sleepy he asked if he could please take a nap with her. Usually, I don't let him because he's such a hard sleeper, but since Benjamin and I were doing school right there I let him and he was so happy and it was pretty sweet seeing them snoozing together. Eva would stir herself awake and then back asleep again and Dave just kept on sleeping!

Benjamin and I started a new bible study and we are studying Genesis. After doing some of his homework for the first week we discovered that he could do a really good job at reading the first chapter. He was so excited about this that after we were finished with school he sat with his Bible in the rocking chair anxiously waiting for his Dad to wake up so that he could read the Bible to him. As he waited he was flipping through the pages and trying to read different passages and was making up songs, he was so excited. I just had to capture a picture of this cute moment. What a blessing it is to see him develop his faith!

Eva is becoming more and more smiley!

It's hard to capture her smile sometimes because she often smiles with her whole body!


Whew, that feels better!

It's so fun having such a happy, sweet baby!

While I was taking the above picture of Eva, I put the other three in a simultaneous time-out. They had made multiple bad choices and weren't listening and so I was trying to make an effect on them about their behavior. Afterwards, I had them all come over and talk to me. Because I had just been getting Eva to smile for pictures, the kids weren't in a very remorseful mood. I was bad and instead of being a disciplinarian, I was a silly mom and said, "Hey, you guys were just in trouble shouldn't you be making sad faces?" They picked up on my silliness and started trying with all their might to make sad faces, but ended up mostly just laughing!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Face Paintings

Cuddle Buddies

Our church had a block party and the kids got face paintings for the first time and were so excited about it....

Collin wouldn't let them do it on his face so the lady offered to paint his arm and he was okay with that. I don't think he meant to make a "tough guy" expression here but it cracks me up combined with the snake painted on his arm!

He was very happy about his snake!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 Months

Our sweet Eva is 2 months old. She is smiling and cooing....

has laughed a few times...

can hold her head up pretty good and I love her cute exprssions when she's upright...

(hehe, funny picture)

is our sweet little bit even though she now weighs 12 pounds (75th percentile) and is 23 inches (90th percentile)...

continues to have such a happy, easy-going disposition....

Benjamin asked to hold Eva so I let him and without rocking her or anything, she just drifted off to sleep in his arms. :)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Adorable Baby Smiles

The kids have an uncle that is a football coach and he was super sweet and got all of them new shoes that are so cool! The kids love them!!

Thank you Uncle Buh!! (Collin is pumping his arm and saying thank you here.)

They wear them all the time. Collin has gotten so many compliments and Benjamin likes to tell me that they make him feel like he can run really fast and jump really high.

This little girl is going to have two big brothers that will always be by her side!

I finally caught some sweet Eva smiles. She started smiling at 6 weeks and the first time she did it my face hurt from smiling so big for so long! The smiles are pretty quick so some of these pictures are just little smirks, but still adorable. :)

She's so popular! As soon as I put her on the ground in one of her seats or on her activity mat, the big kids come running to love on her and talk to her. It's so sweet watching them interact now that she will smile at them and coo when they talk to her. A lot of love!!

She is such a sweetheart! 

Love her sweet little coos. Guess who she's smiling and cooing at here....

One of her very biggest fans!

Still giving me smiles on her bouncy seat even though she's getting tired...

Getting so sleepy....

Night, night.

I am so in love with her sweet hands!