Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

Benjamin's pumpkin that we made earlier in the month!

Trick or Treat! Benjamin was a little unsure when we first got to church for him to trick-or-treat with all the other kids running around with their costumes!

He eventually figured out the idea and had fun! I was so happy he kept his costume on, I really thought it would be a struggle! But once I told him we were going to get suckers after we put the kangaroo on, he was sold!

Isn't that tail cute????

I finally had to cave in and give him a sucker! I think he had three before the evening was over! Isn't he the cutest little kangaroo though????

I don't know if you can tell, but we're both pointing to our babies in this picture!

I couldn't believe we were able to get him in the car seat with his costume still on, tail and all!!!!

I bet you've never seen a kangaroo walk a dog before have you?!?!?!

We had a really fun Halloween! Benjamin got to trick-or-treat twice (in our neighborhood and at church) and was so good and kept his costume on the whole time!!!!! Happy Halloween all!!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pumpkin Fest

We had a very fun-filled Saturday. We started off the afternoon with a picnic with all the people at Dave's work in the same program as he is and their families. It was fun with good food and Benjamin had fun playing Corn Hole with another little boy, but my goodness was it cold!!!! We came home and let him get a nap (and warm up) and then went to Pumpkin Fest at our church. Thank goodness it wasn't nearly as cold and windy by then! We had a whole lot of fun! Benjamin got to go on his first hay ride, we had some yummy carmel apple sundays, and they had the kids break pumpkin pinatas. Benjamin didn't get to hit at it before it broke, but he had fun getting the loot! I was surprised by how he went into the chaos with all the other kids and got some prizes! You can see him with the black Purdue jacket on in the picture below!

After they were done breaking the pinata, Dave gave Benjamin the stick and let him hit the broken one.....which I think he enjoyed just as much! Dave was telling him to smile in this picture, but I told him he needed to keep his tough-man expression!!! He really enjoyed this activity!!! :)

Afterwards, Benjamin kept hanging out by the tree that had the pinatas hanging from them looking for more! I took the opportunity to try and get some cute pictures. Isn't my little Boilermaker adorable?????

Dave decided to get in on the action too!

It was really a fun day. They also had pumpkin carving and a bouncer thing. One of the big girls at church that likes Benjamin tried to get him to get it in with her and jump around, but he was too scared! It was still sweet to see! God has blessed us with a really awesome church family that we are really, really enjoying!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Big Bird

Benjamin really likes Sesame Street but now gets upset when we're watching it if he doesn't see Big Bird or Elmo. He turns his hand out and asks "Big Bird?" "Elmo?" It's pretty cute. Tonight I was looking at an ad from Toys or Us and it had an Elmo on the outside. Benjamin kept pointing it out and then all of sudden started asking about Big Bird. So I went and got this stuffed animal Big Bird that he has. It was his bedtime and he was still hugging it (I think mostly to protect it from Zoe) and so I told him he could take it night night with him. He did and Dave laid him in bed and he just kept holding onto Big Bird, so Dave covered them both up. He has an Elmo that he sleeps with, but he just keeps it in the corner of the crib and never holds onto it (as you can see in the picture). So this is the first time he's ever held something while sleeping. Well, I couldn't resist so I snuck in after he had been asleep for awhile to see if he was still holding Big Bird and he was!!!! I took a quick picture, isn't he so sweet?!?!?!!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Brown County

It was such a beautiful day today, so we decided to head up to Brown County Park and enjoy the day and see the leaves that have changed. We had a wonderful time and the weather was really great! Benjamin really enjoyed all the outdoors time too!

We went on a nice hike through a great trail. It was perfect for us with toting Benjamin around and me being pregnant. Here's Benjamin and Dave hiking away! Isn't it cool how the sun beams are streaming through the leaves?!?!

Here's my two matching boys, all in orange ready for Halloween! I took a picture of this part of the trail because I thought it was so pretty how all the trees near us had leaves that were yellow/orange/red and all the trees in the distant were still this lush green color! Fall can be so pretty!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family Get-Together

We had a really fun extended weekend spending time with all of Dave's family. All of his siblings, sister-in-law, nephew, grandma, and cousin were in town. It was a wonderful time getting to all be together and we really enjoyed ourselves. I didn't do a very good job at getting pictures of Benjamin with everyone, but I did get some good ones of him. Here's a few from our fun time!

On our first full day we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and the Muhammad Ali Museum. We also went to the Falls of the Ohio, but I forgot my camera that day. Benjamin really enjoyed that too!

Here's outside the bat factory:

Benjamin and Dave running the bases. They also had an exhibit that showed how fast different pitchers threw by having a ball come out at that speed and hit a fake catcher. It was kind of crazy, but Benjamin loved it and even cried when we left it (after about 30 minutes of letting him watch it!!!).

Benjamin had fun playing with his little bat. He did really good with it and didn't swing it at anyone or anything. He just had fun holding all of them!

Daddy love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cousin Time! Benjamin was cute with Jack. He would point to him and say baby when he was far away and even said "Jack" a few times. But whenever we got him close to him he would freeze up and didn't want to touch him. I finally got him to give him some kisses when Jack was going to bed. But he never got used to me or Dave holding him and would cry for us when he had him. Should be fun when Anna gets here! :) Here he is running away from him!!!!

Dave spending some time with his nephew!

We really had a wonderful time! We even got a chance to spend a day with my family which was really nice! It was great seeing Benjamin interact with all his family. He's really started to love being with everyone and just loves going from person to person! He has started saying names too. He has called me Mama and Dave Daddy for awhile and he's been calling our parents 'anpa (grandpa) and 'anma (grandma) for a couple weeks. Now though he was saying others names, which was really cute! He's such a sweet little guy and we are so enjoying watching him grow and learn!!!! Thanks everyone for a great weekend! We miss you!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Its a Girl!!!!!!!

We had a chance to tell all of our family about the baby, so I can post it on here now. We're having a little girl!!!! Her name will be Anna Faith. Faith is after Dave's grandma and Anna is a name I have always loved!!! We're really excited!!!!! Benjamin's going to have a little sister!!!! Yea!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


We had our ultrasound today and we got to see our baby and find out the gender!!!! We are going to see a bunch of our family this weekend, so we're waiting to tell them in person. So I'll post what it is next week. But here's some pictures!!!!!

This one you can see the baby's face pretty well on the right side of the picture.

This one you can see the baby's face and abdomen. The two dark circles are the heart and stomach.

Sunday, October 7, 2007


We went Jimmy and Shawna's yesterday so that Benjamin could meet his new cousin, Jack. Dave's grandma is in town and got to meet him too. It was a fun visit and Jack is getting cuter and cuter! Here's Benjamin up close and personal with his first cousin. He liked Jack and would point and say baby when he was at a distant, but he wasn't too interested in getting up close and personal with him!

Family picture time!

PS We have our ultrasound on Tuesday and will hopefully find out if this little one is a girl or boy!!!!! Yea!!!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ponies and Kangaroos

A few days back we took Benjamin to the park and they were having a kids fest. He had fun getting balloons and such and they had ponies there to ride. So Benjamin got his first horse ride! He wouldn't get on when I tried, but he was brave for Dave and went for a little ride!

Also, here's a preview of Benjamin's Halloween Costume. When we were in California, Kelly gave Benjamin an elephant and kangaroo that had babies with them. He is really into babies right now with me being pregnant. He loves kissing my belly and saying baby and pointing out every baby he sees. We came across this Kangaroo costume with a baby in its belly and just couldn't resist getting if for him for Halloween this year. Especially after seeing how much he liked taking the little baby kangaroo out of the mommy and saying baby! on the stuffed animal! He liked wearing it when we were looking in the mirror at it. But once I sat him down to get his picture, he pretty much just wanted it off. As you can see he's already figuring out how to undo it! At least he's not crying though! Hopefully, he'll wear it for a little bit on Halloween!