Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008

Happy Halloween! We had a pretty hard day with Anna being sick, but she perked up a little this evening and we were able to go Trick-or-Treating at our church. I was able to have some Halloween fun with Benjamin while Anna took a nap this morning. We carved our pumpkin (as you can see below) and roasted and ate pumpkin seeds. Benjamin was really cute and the whole time we were doing the pumpkin and while I was trying to wash off the seeds, he kept saying, "Now eat them? Now?" He really liked them when they were finished and ate a ton of them! So who knows, he might wake up as a pumpkin tomorrow? :)

My little penguin!!! He really loves penguins this year and after I showed him some different costume ideas, he picked this one. Its a really cute costume and really soft! :)

I don't know if they designed it this way intentionally, but when you watch him walk in it from behind, he waddles!!!! Benjamin was also really cute and would shuffle his feet and do the "Happy Feet dance"!!!

And Miss Anna was a Glo-worm. I call her my little wiggle worm, b/c she's always I thought this was fitting! She still wasn't feeling too hot, but stayed happy pretty much the whole time.

Their first Halloween together!

"Time to go!!!!"

"Look, candy!!!"

Who knew penguins were such thinkers?!?!

Happy with his loot!

My poor sweet little worm!

I'm really impressed with my husband.....he took this shot and I really like it!

Benjamin wanted to take his costume off as soon as we got to the car. It was a thick costume and since it was about 70 degrees today, I didn't put anything on under it. So........

he rode home naked!

Anna fell asleep as soon as we left the parking lot. Poor baby!

Out of all the fun things with Halloween we did this year, I think Benjamin's favorite was handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. As you can tell from the video he absolutely loved it! He was sitting at his little table in the living room, eating supper, and could hardly contain himself waiting for the doorbell to ring again and have more trick-or-treaters! He was having so much fun, that after we ran out of candy I gave him fruit snacks so that he could keep doing it!

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sick Baby

Update: Anna is worse today. She threw up a lot after nursing this morning. So now we are trying pedialyte. Hopefully she keeps this down and then I can nurse her again. She's really fussy and won't be put down at all and is mostly just laying on me. Please pray she gets better ASAP....its so hard to see her little body feeling so badly. Thanks!

Original Post
Poor Anna is sick! :( She's been throwing up and had diarrhea. So far today she hasn't had any episodes of that, thankfully. We stopped baby food and are just nursing, which seems to be helping. However, she still obviously feels pretty lousy. She's pretty fussy, wants to be held all the time, and is sleeping more than usual. I hate seeing her feel sick and hope that she will be better tomorrow so she can enjoy her first Halloween!

To show you that she's sick, this is how she's been....cuddling on my shoulder, which is totally un-Anna. Now that she can crawl, she wants to be on the move and has always been quite squirmy and not one to just rest on her Momma (or Daddy). She still isn't still though! She lays her head on me, pulls away, lays back down, then squirms all over my body and then starts over! Such a wiggle worm! I am enjoying the cuddles, though! :)

She does this face a lot lately and I think it may be my favorite. I think its so cute with her little bottom lip tucked under!

She has definitely been Momma's girl through all this.........

Dave's been great though and the past two evening he's stayed home with Anna, so Benjamin and I could go out just the two of us. Today we even had a "date"!!! :) We went to dinner (psghetti), the park, and then got milkshakes!

Look at this sweet girl!

Dave took this funny video of the kids earlier this week. Unfortunately, Benjamin makes her cry at the end, but at least he got some laughs out of her!!! Just so you know, Dave says he didn't hit her very hard....she was already not feeling good and crying a lot! For a little fun, lets have a contest....Dave couldn't tell what word Benjamin is saying over and over again to make Anna laugh, but I could when I watched it. So the contest is, who can be the first one to guess the word????? Good luck!

Happy Halloween Eve!!! I'm excited to see my little penguin and glow-worm tomorrow!!! :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkinfest and My Eight Month Old

We had Pumpkinfest at our church yesterday. I worked the Apple Sunday booth, so I didn't get to do too many activities...but we ate lots of yummy chili from the chili contest and we got to enjoy a family hay ride. Benjamin LOVED the hay ride!!! :) Overall we had a wonderful time!

Pastor Steve put Benjamin up in a tree and he was very tickled!!! :)

When we got home, I took some pictures of the kids with their Halloween outfits!

I think this one is funny b/c it looks like Anna is tickling Benjamin!
After I took Benjamin's clothes off to put his jammies on, Anna was standing up and he wanted to hold her up, so I let him...........

Here's a funny video I took. Dave thought it was mean that I was video-taping Benjamin while he was crying, but wait and see why he was crying and you'll see why it was funny! :) Also I got some of Anna crawling, which she is just getting better and better at!!! Today after church, Benjamin was sitting on his little couch and I put Anna on the floor on the other side of the room and said, "Crawl to Benjamin" and she crawled all the way over to him! After which Benjamin declared, "She did it! She did it!" So cute!!!!

And now for the 8 month pictures.........
I had a hard time getting her to pose b/c she kept leaning forward like this to try and crawl off the chair!!! I tell ya, once they're mobile, the don't want to stop moving!!! :)
Happy Birthday Sweet Cupcake!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Brown County 2.0

First up, these are just a bunch of pictures from this past weekend....

I had read that giving a baby an apple slice can be a soothing teether. Well Anna agrees! She has been going crazy over them all week! :)

Anna's been trying to crawl so hard. I think she may just go straight to walking, b/c she spends so much time off her belly trying to get her hands and legs to coordinate and hasn't gotten it. Instead she is now figuring out how to push up to almost standing!!!!......and she figured out how to sit up from laying down just tonight!!!! It took me by second she was lying on her belly and the next she was back up sitting. She did it again a few minutes later too! (These are from earlier in the week though)

Benjamin and I made Halloween cupcakes this week and they were a big hit! Notice he has icing on both his mouth and nose!

"Benjamin the rapper."

Watching her brother perform.....

Jammie cuddle time!

I really love this one!

We went to Brown County again this afternoon and took a bunch of family pictures for our Christmas card. We got a lot of cute ones (as you can see). I'm not posting the one I like the best though, you'll just have to wait until December!!!

Dave liked this one best, but I wanted one where Anna was smiling too!

We told Benjamin he could go to the playground after we got some good pictures. Here he is running for it!

I think this is a beautiful one of Dave and Anna!

We went to a lake next and even though the views were incredible, the kids were not up for smiling for anymore pictures, as you can tell.......

This kid gives THE best hugs!!!!!

We then went to the Hotel/Restaurant they have in the park and ate there for the first time. It was wonderful!!!! The kids were great, the food was really good, and the lodge restaurant was fun! It was a great time had by all!

After we got home I gave Benjamin his very first ice cream cone to treat him for being so good for us. I found these cute little mini-cones and it was perfect for him. He gobbled it up!