Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daddy's Home!

This post is a tribute to my amazing husband aka the wonderful father of my babies and all the happy times we have when he's home!

Here are some cute shots that surprised me when I downloaded pictures off the camera today. They are from this weekend when my sweet hubby got up with the kids so I could sleep in an extra hour and try to get feeling better! What a nice surprise to find these jammied-sweeties!

What do Daddy and the kids do after he gets home while I make dinner you ask? Well cuddle and read the newspaper of course!

Milo gets some loving too!

Daddy/Daughter Cuddles

We had a great bath time last night too. The kids were so cute playing together and Anna sits so well in her little bath seat now, that it was so special for Dave and I to just sit and watch our babies. We both agreed as we were going to bed that we had a really special family evening together!

Finally, Dave had Anna sitting up in her pack-n-play tonight and she started to try and pull herself up! Dave politely explained to her that she was supposed to learn to crawl before she started pulling herself up to standing....but that she was mighty cute trying! Look how pleased she is with herself!!!! :)

I am so proud that my kids have Dave as their father! It makes my heart so happy to see him with our kids and I just wanted to share how amazing he is!

On another note, I posted a while back about some friends from college who were pregnant with their second child and put on bed rest b/c Lindsay started leaking amniotic fluid. She wasn't given very good odds for her son, but after 3 months of bedrest she gave birth to a sweet little boy. She was only 32 weeks pregnant, so he is in the NICU and still dealing with some breathing issues...but all considering he seems to be doing great! God is so amazing! If you were praying before, I encourage you to continue to pray for the little guy and his family! Thanks!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

We've had seven glorious months with our sweet, sweet Anna!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Various Photo Ops

First Up: Daddy/Benjamin Wrestle Time
Benjamin thought for sure that if he kept this blanket on Dave's face that it would make it so he could get Dave easier....it was pretty funny!

Next Up: Goofy Sibling Time
Benjamin was determined to put Anna's arm under his chin and keep it there for some reason that escapes me, but it made for some funny pictures!

Big Hugs!!!!!

Finally: Being Outside on a Cool Fall Evening Can Make You Feel Better
Benjamin, Anna, and I have been under the weather and we spent the majority of the evening outside and it was really nice. I got some really good photo ops too! I really love taking pictures outside when the sun is going down.......

My two girls!

Yes my kids are wearing pajamas and if you must know they wore them last night, all day today, and to bed tonight....sorry if that grosses you out....but as I mentioned we are under the weather and that is more than a good enough reason for a jammie day if you ask me!

Some cute Benjamin close-ups:
This is my favorite of him....

Anna's Turn:

I think this is one of the cutest pictures of Anna ever....FYI the smile is for her Daddy!

We ate supper outside too! Mmmmmm...........
Swing Time
Anna watching Benjamin as he declares, "Mine swinging on mine belly Momma!"

Running Time:
Benjamin and Dave enjoyed their first game of tag.......

and "Playing Horse" (Benjamin riding on Dave's back).

"The End"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brown County

We took the kids to Brown County and went on a nice hike. Benjamin did really well and just trekked along right with us. He seemed to really enjoy himself too. He was particularly interested in "broken trees" and would point each one out and liked to look inside them....

Pointing out the bridge ahead.....

If you look back to a post from last year, you will see a picture similar to this one of Dave and Benjamin walking along (except this time Dave's carrying Anna too)!

Dave and Anna starting down the bridge. She did really good too and was happy the whole time and seemed to really enjoy going for "a ride" with her Daddy!

Benjamin posing on some of the steps of the bridge going down. If you can't see them, I highly recommend you click on these two pictures to enlarge them, so you can see my sons adorable dimples!!! :)

Sweet Anna!

Every once in awhile Benjamin would declare, "Mine running!" and he would take off!!!!

Anna has recently changed her smile from the big "O" open mouth smile, to moving her mouth out to normal smile. It's a pretty cute change! She would just look around as Dave carried her and when she'd look back and see me, she'd light up and give me this big smile as if she was delighted to have found me!

We had a really great time, but unfortunately the end wasn't so great. Benjamin kept rubbing his eye and saying, "Bug fly in mine eye." I checked it twice and didn't see anything, so I just assumed he was bothered by bugs flying around his eyes. The third time I looked though, I found it.....quite a big bug considering it proportionately to Benjamin's eye. He was so unbelievably brave and good and would let me "fish" around for it for a few seconds before pulling away, but the darn thing kept moving away each time until it went up into his upper eyelid and out of sight. I felt so bad, b/c by this time you could tell it was really hurting Benjamin's eye. We were on a path that goes down for a little over a mile to a lake and there were no benches around for us to lay him down and try and get it out, we had no idea how much farther we had to go so the only thing we could think of to do was to turn around and try to get him back to the car as soon as possible. My husband is crazy strong and was able to carry both kids so that we could run as fast as we could up hill and then up all those steps again. I have absolutely no idea how he did that! I barely made it running up hill on my own! Dave had us stop for a break at the bridge/steps to get a drink of water and Benjamin was starting to say, "owe" more and more and there was a bench in the middle of the stairs up. So I had Benjamin lay on it and thankfully the bug had moved back down and I was able to get it this time!!! Yea! I really cannot believe how brave my 2 year old was through all of this. I showed him the bug so he would know it was out and then put it on the steps we were on and told him it couldn't hurt him anymore and wouldn't get back in his eye. The poor kid told us probably 30 times that night, "Bug not in mine eye anymore. On steps. Not hurt me anymore." as if he was needing verification from us that it was true. But as soon as the bug was out, he walked the rest of the way and was just so good! We got him a "special treat", ice cream with M&Ms (a first for Benjamin), when we got back in town to award him for being so brave! Dave took this picture after the bug was out to prove how happy he was! Whew...what an ordeal!