Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Catch Up - Christmas & Benjamin is 8!!

Eva LOVES to color!!

She's super busy too.

Enjoying some spaghetti.

Building our gingerbread house.....I made Daddy do it this year.

My super talented sister got her PhD!!! We had a party to celebrate!

Mmmm! Cake pops!

Mitochondria cake

Big sister Anna is a big helper to Eva. She loved having Anna lift her to put the felt ornaments up high on their tree.

We tried something new and did our presents Christmas Eve morning so we could have more time playing and having fun all day. It worked great and we enjoyed a wonderful family day just the six of us. Merry Christmas! We sure are blessed!

Beautiful Anna got the unwrapping started....

She was so happy to have a new Brave bow and arrow set (her brothers broke her other arrows).!

Eva did great with her first Christmas that she can open her own presents. So fun!

She loves her scuttlebug scooter.

What Benjamin really wanted, a scooter!

What is it?!

Darth Vader Collin!

Group present.....what could it be?

Animal blankets! So soft and cuddly!

Anna loving her Doc McStuffins check up center.

A Pacer's jersey for our basketball fan.

We left a note for Collin on the basement door to follow the string down to his big present.

Following the string......

....he sees it!

A drum set for our music loving Collin.

Benjamin having a great time with his new basketball goal.

Anna had so much fun setting up her new jewelry box.

Daddy and Evie hanging out on her new chair.

Our family after Christmas Eve service.

Hanging out with our church buddies.

Santa came!

Aren't they adorable?!?

Eva had an audience as she unwrapped a stocking for the first time.

This is for me?

Time to go see extended family like sweet Logan. This is Eva's snowman and Santa. They started out as her siblings toys but she has adopted them and is obsessed with them. She carries them around everywhere with her and dances (they play music) and coos and has the best time with them!

Opening presents with grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Eva and her snowman.

Silly car ride with cousins to see Christmas lights in the cave!

More presents

We actually got all eight cousins posed together for a picture!

Our monkey with a gorilla.

Eva walking with her Grandpa.

Handsome Benjamin

All the girls at the zoo!

Benjamin's birthday cake, an oreo basketball!

We had a quiet morning opening presents just the six of us. He was really excited by this ant farm. Then I got to enjoy a first, a date with the birthday boy to see a movie.

Benjamin really wanted to take his extended family for a birthday dinner at a restaurant and we had a great time.

Cake time! Happy Birthday To You!