Friday, July 26, 2013

Vacation Bible School 2013

We had another great week of VBS. This year's theme was Christmas in July. Here are the kids with some of their best friends.

Collin REALLY got into the dancing and was working those hips. It was hilarious!! This is him working it before the show even started....

Anna doing the 'O' in 'J-O-Y'


Since Benjamin was in one of the older groups, he was in the back and harder to see, but he had a lot of fun and did great!

They had so much fun! I was really tired and somehow didn't get a family picture of all of us in our matching t-shirts or a picture with Grandpa who made it even more special by coming for their program.

 Enjoying cookies and milk with their Tierney....

and Emma!

I snuck up and took these pictures of Collin talking with his Tierney. It's so sweet how he looks at her!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Party For Eva!

We had a sweet little elephant party for our sweet little Eva. Here's her smash cake....

A collection of our favorite pictures from her first year....

More decor, including her month by month frame.

Elephant cupcakes....the kids loved the chocolate elephants.

We finally have a birthday in the warm part of the year, so we enjoyed a (kiddie) pool party. It ended up working great and the kids had a fantastic time.

We even set the bouncy house up outside for the first time.

Happy Birthday to Eva!

Present time!

Most of the kids were very sweet to stop playing to give her a captive audience.

She LOVED her glow worm!

What's this fun stringy stuff?

'Reading' a new Sophie The Giraffe book.

Checking out a new elephant for her room.

She loves her new stroller/walker. She doesn't like having anything put in it though and our little climber even tries to get in herself!

Her new elephant slide....she loves it! Perfect for a climbing loving baby girl!

Cake time!

Look what's on my finger, friends....

People kept bringing her forks which she continued to dig into the cake with, but she had no interest in eating it. I tried feeding it to her and everything, but it was pretty much just a fun sensory event for her.

The kids were happy to dig right in though!

This is fun!

Finally, after quite a long time of just playing (as you can see) she took a few bites....

She was happy to share with her friends!

She was a happy birthday girl, even if she only had a few bites.

Next up was bath time, for sure!

Some more cute party dress pictures of our happy baby girl....

Friday, July 19, 2013

Eva is One!!!

It happened....our sweet baby girl turned one. She is so very precious and we have enjoyed this year so much! Happy birthday to our sweet Eva!

It's good we're done with the monthly birthday pictures because she doesn't really sit in the rocking chair for them, she's our constant climber!

This little smirk says, "I know you want my picture, Momma but I'm going to stand up again every time you sit me down."

Eva continues to be a great eater and will eat whatever we offer her and she especially loves the baby food pouches and can eat them in about 30 seconds! She does her adorable "beauty pageant wave" as Dave calls it to say hi, bye, and especially night, night. Sleeps great and seems happy to go in her bed almost every night (yay!!!).  Still a big time Momma's girl but is starting to spend more time with other people holding her. Is cruising around on furniture now. Has two cute little teethers that poked through a few days before her birthday, but she doesn't really seem bothered by them. Loves her blankie so much and now likes to tuck it under her chin. She always has it while she sleeps, I think its so precious how she always has a hold of it when I check on her. Is enjoying water now (bath and pool), thankfully. The only real thing she says is "Uh, oh". It's super cute and kinda fitting in our house to have that as her first word. She says Momma a lot but doesn't look at me and say it, so I'm not positive if she knows that it's me. She says lots of expressive noises which the big kids like to interpret such as "wow" and "oh" and "nighnighnigh". I call her a little bird because she likes to make soft little singing and chirping type noises. She has also developed a very high pitched squeal that is quite ear-piercing. She still loves music and dances all the time. She continues to do great in the car and thus is still in her infant seat, which is very convenient. Love, love, loves to climb! Has started to stand up on her own for a few seconds and loves the applause she gets. Her hair is growing fast and seems to get lighter and lighter and her eyes bluer. She's our sweetheart, for sure!

I decided to get a little creative and filled her crib with balloons and her birthday sign. She usually gets put to bed awake and fusses a little bit at naps, so I wasn't sure if she would go for pictures in her bed. So, we filled it up and then showed it to her from the outside. She thought it was hilarious!

It was so much fun celebrating!

The big kids wanted their pictures taken too...

Then it was present time. We got her this little house and she LOVES it!!

Birthday tutus won't slow this girl down...

Who needs doors?

Happy Birthday to our little Evie Bee. We love you more than you will ever know!

*Be sure to check out the post below of her monthly pictures to see how she's grown and changed over her first year*