Thursday, April 26, 2007

Play Hard.......Sleep Hard

Benjamin started his morning off sweeping.

Then he watched his daddy mow the lawn and wanted to be with him and help him so bad, so.......................

he went outside and helped!!!!!!!!!!!

Having trouble keeping up with his daddy! (You can see Dave in the background)

All this play and work before lunch equals.................a sleeping baby during lunch!!!!!!

Completely passed out! I can't believe he fell asleep in his high chair again! So funny!

We're going to be in Florida for awhile for Dave's cousin Lindsey's wedding. So there won't be any new pictures for a little while. Sorry to our loyal fans (aka Kelly)!!!!! :)

Monday, April 23, 2007


We took Benjamin to Thunder this weekend. It was the first time for him and the first time for us in like five years. We had a lot of fun. The weather was beautiful and we had a great time with my parents at Buckheads. The fireworks were really pretty and Benjamin did so good with them. He was a real trooper all day and didn't ever get upset or fussy.

Word update: Benjamin continues to say mom and dad and he's been saying woof! woof! (sounds like oof! oof!) when he sees a dog. This weekend he said Expo (our old dog) twice and dirt a bunch of times when he was playing in my mom's flower pots. He's also babbling like crazy! So cool! I'm really ready for all these words to start coming out, as mmmm, mmmmm over and over again is getting a little old! He's got a really sweet voice and I think he'll be talking in no time!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mmmmmm Syrup

Benjamin and I really like breakfast, so we went out for breakfast yesterday morning to Bob Evans. Some of you may know that Benjamin really likes to dip all of his foods in things. One of his favorites is syrup. Well at Bob Evans he had quite the selection of things to dip. Dave really wants his chubby baby back and so he is always encouraging Benjamin to eat a lot and ordered him the Little Farmer breakfast which had eggs, pancakes, and potatos. He had a wonderful time, here are some pictures of the yummy/funny meal.

Dave and Benjamin enjoying some hot chocolate while we wait for our food. You can see a little bit of whip cream on Benjamin's mouth!

Benjamin didn't like the eggs, so after he finished his pancakes I gave him a piece of my toast and he even dipped that in the syrup!!!!

Then after that he decided to just dip his fingers straight into it! What a mess!!!!!

We went to Sam's afterwards and Benjamin had fun pushing the cart around.

"Alright, lets go home guys!"

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Travelin' Around

We've been quite busy lately. We went to Rose Holman on Sunday so Mike could show us around his school. Its really a beautiful campus with a lot of character. After that Benjamin and I went home with Frankie and Kelly because our hot water heater is broken and we wanted Kelly to get to spend some more time with Benjamin. Especially since he's feeling all better! We had a lot of fun, but we're happy to be home. We're also happy to say that we have a new water heater! Yea!

Here's what Benjamin was going to wear for Easter if he hadn't been sick. He was really cute in it. I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but he wouldn't stand still for long enough! Just so busy!

Mike and Benjamin playing around during our tour of Rose Holman.

We went to Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville for lunch. The food was really good and they had a very unique restaurant. They sat us at a table with a train in it and Benjamin loved it so much! It was pretty cool!

Benjamin throwing his first penny in a fountain at the mall.

He's such a cute naked baby! He's riding a rocking horse at his grandparents house!

Finally back in daddy's arms! We missed Dave while we were gone and were very happy to be home with him today! Isn't Benjamin such a big boy drinking out of cup????

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Benjamin's motto, "Two is always better than one!"

I just love his smile and dimples!

Benjamin talking to his aunt Kelly with his uncle Mike. He was making the cutest little smirk, but of course as soon as I got the camera he stopped. He's so funny!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hospital Stay

Benjamin continued to get worse and wasn't keeping anything down. He started sleeping pretty much all the time and was becoming more and more listless. So we took him to the doctor and he admitted him to the hospital to get IV fluids. They ran some more blood work and he was doing ok, but ready for some intervention. The also tested him and he does have RotaVirus. The IV fluids worked so well. Within a couple of hours he started perking up a little. He looked really cute in his hospital gown and pants. Sorry we didn't have the camera, or I would have posted a picture. He also did really good with his IV and for the most part left it alone.

He didn't throw up anymore and today we were able to start giving him some solids. His doctor came to see him this afternoon and said he was doing good enough to go home. I am happy to say he had two pieces of bread, a banana, and some cereal and has kept it all down. He slept a lot today, but was definitely up more than he has been and is smiling and getting that Benjamin personality that we love and missed so much. I'm so happy that he is finally feeling better. Yea! Here's some silly pictures we took tonight so you can see how much he's improved!

Enjoying some cereal! The bandaid on his hand is where is IV was.


There's no stopping him now............Benjamin is back!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Easter and Sick Baby Pics

Here's some pictures from the last week. Benjamin has been really sick (with vomiting, diarrhea, and fever) since Friday we've had a rough time. He's acting completely un-Benjamin like and is so sad! It's really breaking my heart. I want him to be better so bad! I was able to lay him down on the couch while he was sleeping and we are waiting for Dave to get home from work to go to bed, so I thought I'd post some pictures since I don't know when I'll get another chance.

Here's from the Easter Egg Hunt they had at our church. Benjamin got four eggs. It was pretty cold and he mostly just watched the chaos of the other kids and parents (there were a lot of people there). We had fun though and enjoyed the pancake breakfast!

We went to New Albany after the egg hunt to see all of Dave's siblings who are all in town. Here's Benjamin playing around with his uncles and daddy. We ended up staying the night (unplanned) because Benjamin got so sick that we didn't want to travel with him!

After we got back the next evening, I gave Benjamin his Easter basket (minus the candy). He got a singing Elmo, a coloring book, crayons, and some Sesame Street books. I didn't get a very good picture of him going through it, because he was feeling pretty bad at that point and didn't get too excited.

Enjoying a popsicle, one of the few things he's kept down. And finally a smile! My mom came this evening and was nice enough to help us get caught up on our laundry and dishes (our dishwasher and hot water heater are broken). Thanks mom!

Dave's parents and Kelly and Mike came up and helped us so much tonight, we got a lot done! Thanks guys, you're awesome! Here's Benjamin sleeping on his uncle Mike!

This is him right now passed out on the couch. The poor guy threw up and had really bad diarrhea four times in like 30 minutes. I want him to be better SO BAD!!!!! Maybe tomorrow!
Also, we went to the doctor's office yesterday for Benjamin's 15 month check up and because he was sick. He was 32 inches long and 21 lb and 15 ounces. He lost weight (was 22 lb at 12 months), so that was sad. But he didn't have to get shots at least since he's sick, so that was a relief! If you can, send out a prayer that Benjamin will feel better soon!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

GQ Baby

Since somebody missed seeing Benjamin in his cute outfit today, I thought I'd be nice and post some pictures for ya! :) I called this our GQ Baby shoot!

Benjamin finally getting to give Zoe some loving! He's getting really good at petting the animals and he loves them so much! Its really sweet!

I think this is such a sweet picture of him!

Working that pouty lip!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Funny Moments

We had a pretty funny moment today............Benjamin fell asleep in his highchair eating lunch. We try everyday to keep Benjamin up until lunch so he can spend as much time with Dave as possible before Dave leaves for work around 1:00. We were able to do that today, but as Benjamin and I were finishing eating lunch after Dave left, I went to give Benjamin a spoonful of food and he looked at me with these sleepy eyes, closed them and opened them again and then closed them again. Before I knew it, he was slumped over his tray fast asleep. How funny is that?!?!?!? I was able to clean his hands and face a little bit and get him out of his chair and into his crib without waking him. We must have really worn him out this morning!

He did have a pretty eventful morning after all. He played with his Daddy all morning and the best part was I got to see my son and his daddy play soccer for the first time. We are painting the living room right now, so we have a lot of the stuff moved out and there's lots of space in here. So Dave took the soccer ball and taught Benjamin how to kick it around. Being the little mimicker he is, Benjamin picked it up quickly and before we knew it they were kicking it back and forth. It was really sweet to see! I think Dave especially liked it!
Speaking of painting, we are moving right along. We have our bedroom and bathroom, Benjamin's toddler room, and the bonus room done and we're just a second coat away from being done with the living room. That means we just have the kitchen, hallway, nursery, and bathroom left. We are really kicking butt!!!!!!! I'm really excited as everything is turning out great! I'll post pictures when we are finished!!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Big Boy

Here's some recent pictures of Benjamin. We have been really busy working on our house but I couldn't resist taking some pictures of Benjamin in his cute outfit he wore today, sneakers and all. The first one is a naked baby shot. He becomes quite the wild man without any clothes.

Benjamin's version of the "evil eye". He's still a cutie though!

Such a sweetie! This is one of his first 18 month outfits. Its still really big on him, but there's no way I'm buying summer 12 month clothes for him to wear for a month or so. Especially since a lot of his shirts don't even fit over his head anymore! :) He looked like such a big boy in it walking around in his sneakers at church and the grocery store. I'm loving this stage so much!

Enjoying a late night yogurt snack with his daddy! Aren't his Sketchers sneakers cute???