Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

I have always wanted Anna to get to be a cupcake for Halloween but could never find a (reasonably priced) costume. This year we found one and if I do say so myself, my cupcake is adorable!

 As we were trick-or-treating, people would comment on how cute of a cupcake she was. After Anna heard several of these comments she told me incredulously, "Momma, people really like me as a cupcake!"

Benjamin was so excited to get to be Wolverine. It's his favorite superhero!

Posing with some of his pumpkins he made.

They were so excited!! Anna later told me, "This is the best Halloween EVER!"

Collin, our sweet airplane, did great with his first Halloween that he could actually participate in (he wasn't walking yet last year). He did awesome saying trick-or-treat and getting his candy and had a lot of fun, but some of the costumes did scare him.

Ready to collect some candy!!

At our church's trunk-or-treat.

We saw one of Benjamin's friends, Sam, and thought it was cute that they were both super heroes.

Since Collin was a little scared by the costumes, he spent a lot of the evening on Daddy's shoulders. It was actually quite fitting that our airplane was up in the air.

After we left church, it was time for some door-to-door trick-or-treating.

They did great and had so much fun!

Anna was our little speed trick-or-treater. She zoomed excitedly from one house to another!

After filling their buckets, we headed back home to hand out what was left of our candy. This is always one of the most fun parts for the kids.

Look how much candy!!!!

Collin showing off one of the MANY suckers he enjoyed!

We should be set for quite awhile! They were so cute trying to eat as many things as they could before their parents said no more (especially the cupcake!).

It was a really fun Halloween!

I am one blessed Momma!!!

Benjamin's awesome hair after he took his mask off.

Happy Halloween!!!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Art

We've enjoyed getting crafty this Halloween. Here we are all ready to decorate our pumpkins with the fun tattoo type stickers I found. The kids had a great time picking out which eyes/nose/mouth they wanted.

Collin mimicking his pumpkin's mouth.

Anna's pretty pumpkin.

Benjamin wanted his to be a little scary....

Collin's cute little pumpkin.

Our finished family of pumpkins. (It was a really great way to decorate pumpkins with the kids being young right now.)

We also had fun decorating foam pumpkins.

Collin even got in on the fun. He LOVED having control of a glue stick for the first time!

Benjamin had so much fun that I even left the materials out for the next few days and he would make a few more each morning. We ended up with close to 30 cool pumpkins that we decorated our house with. Here are some of our finished pumpkins....

After cleaning up the craft, I came into the living room and found this.

Never too far from his "gammies".

Anna and Collin had me take their picture one morning and I couldn't resist sharing. One pretty and the other  silly.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Trophy Time!!

Benjamin finished his fall soccer season with another fun game. This time he was blessed to have all four of his grandparents there to cheer him on! Here he is with his team. Go Swordfish!

After the game it was time for Benjamin's favorite part....trophies!!

They are so cute!

We're very proud of our little athlete. : ) He even got his first bee sting while he was sitting on the sidelines and still went back in to play. Good job, buddy!!

I was hoping that Collin was experiencing his "terrible twos" early so that he could have an easy going time (and me too) once he turned the supposed dreaded age. (He has the habit of throwing quite a bit of attitude at me on a daily basis.) So far, I've been wrong unfortunately. On this day, he threw several fits that morning and by lunch he had wore himself out. It's hard being two.....

Thankfully, we experience a lot of smiles to go along with the attitude. He got some birthday money from his Mamom (Dave's grandma). So I took him to the store and let him pick out whatever he wanted. After much deliberation, he picked out a Sesame Street with little characters that are perfect for two year old hands. He LOVES it!!! Big brother and sister have even been enjoying the fun.

My friend's sweet little girl, Avery, hangs out with us one day each week. Anna is really into headbands these days. After she picked her headband out this morning, Avery asked for one too. When Collin saw that  both girls had them, he insisted on joining in....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

We finally had a free evening where everyone was feeling well enough to go find our pumpkins for the year. Collin was more than happy to pull the cart for us!

Anna ran right up to this pumpkin and declared it hers.

Benjamin helped Collin find this pumpkin that he was so excited to be able to hold!

There was lots of room to run!

We did lots of pumpkin posing...

My boys!

Daddy's boy!

There was so much beautiful scenery for me to torture the kids for pictures.

They had a bunch of sweet baby animals to pet. I had never pet a baby cow before and fell in love with this little guy!

Benjamin liked the pumpkin art and always wanted his picture with them.

King of the mountain!

Or haystack...

Anna LOVES her boots!

I like the way he's looking back at Anna so lovingly.

My pumpkins!

Time for some basketball...

and a fun hay maze....

Collin acted scared of the baby animals but loved the turkeys. He would try to mimic their noises and then smile and squeal when they did it back to him!

Lastly, we went for a long a corn maze!

Which way should we go??

I guess Collin thought it took us too long to find our way out. : ) It was a fun, fun evening!