Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween was so much fun for these guys!!

Benjamin was Green Lantern.

Anna was Black Cat (Spiderman's girlfriend in one of the cartoons they watch, which isn't such a common costume as you might imagine, so we made due with a Cat Woman costume).

Collin was The Hulk (of course)!

Last, but not least, sweet Eva was a giraffe for her first Halloween.

On our front porch excited to go trick-or-treating.

My sweet giraffe and I.

Eva even had a little tail!

Off they go! I'm pretty sure Anna lead the way to every single house. No one could keep up with her!

"I got candy!"

"Why are we walking around in the cold with this funny hat on my head?"

After trick-or-treating in our neighborhood we headed to church to have some Halloween fun inside where we could be warm! Collin kept sneaking candy when he thought no one was looking.

One of our friends was nice enough to get a family shot for us.

Dave had the kiddos pose for funny pictures...

All this activity was tiring for our little giraffe.

Happy 1st Halloween sweet girl!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

On A Roll

Eva is much happier during tummy time than any of our other babies ever were. She loves turning her head and looking all around while she's on her stomach. Let's face it, there's a lot to observe in this house!

I don't know if she meant to, but she figured out how to roll over. On her way...

She did it! She hasn't repeated it though, I think because she is so content on her tummy.

She's our happy girl and is starting to laugh more.

She has found her thumb a couple of times and likes to suck on her bottom lip like she's doing here...

We loaded up (which requires quite a lot these days!) and headed to Grandma's house so we could take the kids to my parents' trade show. They LOVE it there! They counted the days until the show and barely talked about anything else for days. The show didn't disappoint, they had a grand time and we had fun introducing Eva to more people.

Grandpa and Daddy raked the leaves into a big pile for the kids to have fun in.

Chilling at Grandma's house.

Watching her big brothers and sister play a dance game.

Anna took a huge nap one afternoon and was still sleeping when Dave got home, so he went up and woke her up for me and this what he found...

Since all anyone wants to talk about when you have a baby is how big they are, I enjoy pictures like this that show how *little* Eva really is! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Blessed Tuesday

Enjoying short sleeves for one of the last times.

This was Collin's favorite shirt this summer...big time! Meets all of his favorite's red and it has something that can fly on it. He would ask for it several times a week and wore it as soon as I had it cleaned. So we had to get a picture of him in it for the last time!

The next day Dave randomly suggested we go to Brown County to see the leaves one last time. So he left work a little early (it was a Tuesday) and we ended up having one of the best evenings!

Off they go.

Daddy and his kiddos.

Our four sweethearts.

They really enjoyed being in this little house/cabin.

My new favorite picture!
 It really was such a fun evening! We even went into town and had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and got to listen to live music. A blessed Tuesday, indeed!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

3 Months

Sweet, adorable, cuddly Eva is 3 months old now. She was so active while I took her pictures that she kept kicking and sliding down into the chair. She was talking and cooing too. Her personality is definitely growing more and more.

Sweet, little baby feet.

Who cares about this bunny on my lap. Who cares about my mom taking all these pictures. These hands are AMAZING!

Katie and Katrina came for a visit and we had a fun time playing at the indoor playground.

It was a great visit that even included a cool science experiment.

So far Anna and Eva look so much alike. As newborns it was unbelievable to us how similar they were and they continue to be cute little matching sisters. Here's Anna holding 3 month Eva next to a picture of 3 month Anna. :)

Eva surprised us here and just fell asleep without her paci or being rocked. Just laying back on her Momma.

Dave found this gigantic stuffed monkey at a garage sale for a dollar, I believe. He couldn't pass up the opportunity to play a practical joke with it and brought it home. He almost got himself in trouble as Collin became quite fond of it and was wanting to keep it. Yikes!

He picked our pastor as his target and the kids and Dave snuck him into his office for our pastor to be surprised by the next morning.

Sneaky man!