Thursday, May 29, 2014

May Fun

Collin's favorite girl, Tierney, invited the kids to come over to take pictures with her before prom. This made Anna and Collin very happy and they even dressed up for her!

Collin even kissed her on her cheek!

She gave him one back and he was left with his first lipstick marks.

Helping get the corsage just right.

Watching all the picture fun, completely enthralled.

They had to pose in the car with "no top".

Eva got in on the picture fun too.

With all the siblings (we are blessed to have all these great kids at our church).

If you're wondering where Benjamin was in the pictures above, he was having his own awesome night. Dave and I surprised him with tickets to one of the Pacers' playoff games. They won and he had a blast!

This has become a new reality to for me. Anna requests either one or two braids. One = Elsa, two = Anna (from Frozen). She has my fine hair that is hard to braid, but thankfully she's patient with me. 

Corn on the cob for the first time at Grandma's house. She was a big fan!

Poor Collin! He was playing tag on the playground at church and fell coming down a step type thing and landed head first into the metal railing. The ironic thing is they just put an enclosure around that part to make it safer the day before and he figured out how to still get hurt on it. He cried for awhile and then was just super quiet. It swelled up so so fast!

As the swelling went down, the bruising started.

I checked on him several times through the night and had a hard time waking him. Dave told me not to worry, that it was just because it was the middle of the night.The next morning he was still asleep when I got up, which is unusual. A little while later, I was too worried to let him sleep so I went in to wake him. He and Eva are my light sleepers and usually wake up quickly. I patted his back, talked to him, and then finally kept pulling him up into a sitting position and still he wouldn't wake up. It took close to twenty minutes of moving him around to get him up. Then during breakfast, he mostly just sat there and barely ate. I called the doctor and when the nurse called me back, he was still eating breakfast and spacing. When I told her how he was acting, she told me to pack him up and bring him right in. His doctor checked him out thoroughly and he responded and everything checked out other than him being hard to wake and acting spacey so she said he had a mild concussion. He continued to act a little different for a few days, but otherwise thankfully was fine. Scared me though!

About a week later, his bruise started traveling down his eye.

Eva is developing quite the personality. She loves making faces at us and being silly.

Getting so big!

Anna and I had fun doing her six year old pictures.

This picture sums Anna up well. Always on the move - either running around or doing splits or leaps or spins or flips or cartwheels!

She is so, so, so sweet! She recently told me, "I like hugs more than kisses because you can feel the love more."

We took a fun hike too and Eva enjoyed her ride on Dave.

These sisters love each other so much!

Few more Anna shots.


Collin was so tickled that this caterpillar climbed his arm all the way to his shoulder! He wasn't a fan when it started climbing his neck though!

We decided to turn our little garden plot into a huge sandbox. The kids are very pleased with this decision and LOVE playing in it! Here they are trying it out on the first day.

Eva had so much fun that day, she fell asleep on me after her bath. These moments are rare, so I am sure to enjoy them when it happens. We cuddled for awhile before I put her in her crib!

The next morning she was ready to go again. She loves doing things on her own....she opens and closes doors, throws her diaper away, brushes her teeth, feeds herself, and on and on and if you forget and do one of the things she wants to do herself, she will let you know! As soon as we get somewhere, she starts declaring "Push button! Push button!" - letting us all know she gets to push the button and close the van door.