Saturday, August 16, 2014

1st Day of School & More

This is very rare for the cats to be next to each other like this. Elsa is very interested in Pepper, but Pepper isn't so sure about their friendship.

Enjoying some frozen yogurt at a favorite place of our's.

This was Eva's first time getting her own ice cream (usually she just shares with us). She loved every last bit of it!

Collin is the YoMama (frozen yogurt place) king, he talks about it constantly and tells us its his favorite place and that when he knows how to drive that's the first place he's going to drive himself to.

Dave being silly with Eva at dinner.

Benjamin's first day of 3rd grade!

Anna's first day of 1st grade!

And Collin is in Pre-K!

Eva loves that Elsa gets in her doll stroller.

Eva watches at least part of Frozen on the ipad every single day. She is quite a fan!

Sweet kitten snuggles.

Field trip to the Toyota fork lift factory.

Elsa also likes to sleep in Eva's high chair.

Eva loves playing in the toy kitchen. Here she is dressed for the part.

Snuggling with her brothers.

Its hard to get a good picture of it, but Collin crosses one eye and wiggles it around. Its pretty crazy looking and funny when done at the appropriate time. Unfortunately, he often chooses the wrong time and usually does it when he's being scolded.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

VBS & Swim Lessons

Another fun week of VBS

The big boys had a fun camp out at our pastor's house.

And the girls (plus Collin) had a fun sleepover at our house.

Benjamin, Anna, and Collin had their first swim lessons this summer with Tierney. They learned a lot and had so much fun, even though the water was freezing!

Collin being silly and putting his face in the cold water.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Eva is 2!!

Birthday cuddles with her new kitty.

Of course we had to have a kitty party!

Anna is ready to party as a cat.

Eva enjoyed playing in the bounce house with her friends.

So much fun!

Making cheerio kitty collars.

Loving on Jenny who made her collar for her.

Eva is a fan!

The boys having fun in the sandbox.

The "kitties" having a cat eating contest. It was so hilarious watching them eat with their mouths alone!

"Happy birthday to you!"

She was very excited to blow out her candle!

Eva decided on her own to continue the eating like a cat.

She loves the bouncy house even when its deflated.

Present time!

Opening presents while her friend Izzy watches. At first she said her name as "Fuzzy" and now she calls her "Bizzy". They're pretty sweet together.

She loves her new turtle.

Present joy!

She was so excited to get her own vet kit like the one she plays with at Jenny's house.

We got her a new slide!

She loves this baby and bottle she got. She is so in love with babies! She plays with them all day, everyday in the sweetest ways.

Birthday kisses!

Getting so big and so very sweet!

One last birthday snuggle from the new 2 year old before bed time with her baby and "bankie" that she brings with her everywhere.