Monday, June 25, 2007

Good Times

We just got back from spending the week with my sister. We had so much fun, hanging out just the three of us. Benjamin got some good quality aunt time!!! We had haircuts today and then headed home. It feels sooooo nice to be home after being gone so long!!! Benjamin did better with his haircut this time. He still cried, but not as hard and she said he keeps his head still better than any kid!!! So, go Benjamin!!!

Here's Benjamin and his aunt Katie trying to make bubbles at the Science Museum. We took him to see an IMAX movie (his first time in a movie theatre). It was 45 minutes long and he did so good and sat through the whole thing!!!

We also went to a wedding of some of our friends from high school, Hannah and Adam, on Saturday. It was a really fun wedding and we had a great time! Here's Benjamin out on the dance floor. They had lights moving around on the floor and he was mystified by that!!! He also is pulling his pant legs as he walks around, which is his new thing. I don't know why he does it, but it makes for some funny pictures!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007


I took Benjamin to the doctor today because he was coughing and kind of wheezing last night and today. She says he has a mild case of Croup. So we got him some more medicine and hopefully will get rid of this in a hurry! The poor kid just seems to get everything!!!
The picture above is from tonight. I took him to the grocery store to try and find some new treats for him. Since I think he definitely deserves something! Well, I found these new popsicles that are minis and are just the right size for him so it doesn't melt and spill everywhere and he can actually eat the whole thing. I gave him a blue one tonight and he definitely approved! It was the first time I had given him something blue like this and I was tickled how his mouth and lips were stained, so I couldn't resist taking a picture!!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!!! We got a great surprise in that we got to actually spend Father's Day with Dave today. He was supposed to work today but they ran out of parts yesterday and cancelled today. We were very pleased to be together!!! Benjamin is pretty sick and so we just stayed home all day and hung out together and worked on our house some. It was a very good day simply because we got to all three be together all day!!! Benjamin usually only wants me when he's sick, but surprised us and ONLY wanted Dave ALL day long. When I would start pouting that he didn't want me Dave would simply say, "It's father's day, he knows it!" So I think he was pretty pleased that his son wanted him all day!

To my husband, I wish a very happy father's day. I couldn't have picked a better dad for my son if I had the ability to meet every man in the world. He is patient, kind, loving, fun, adventurous, faithful, and every other quality a father requires. Our son is so fortunate to have Dave to travel through this life with!

To my dad, thank you for being there for me all my life. Thank you for loving me no matter what. For guiding me through life and always being someone I can count on to turn to in times of need. Thank you for all the fun we've had through the years and all the fun our future holds together! Thanks also for being such a fun grandpa to Benjamin and loving him so much!

To my grandpa, thank you for being my hero all my life. When I think of someone I want to model my life after, its you. You have been an amazing example to me. I love you more than you could ever know and treasure you so much!

To Jim, thank you for being a wonderful father-n-law. I don't think its often in life that you get blessed with wonderful in-laws as I have, but I really count myself one of the lucky ones to have you and Frankie in my life. Thank you for being there for my family no matter what. Thank you for raising an amazing son and being a great example of how a good man should live his life. Thank you also for being a loving and fun grandpa to Benjamin.

This is Benjamin today as he walked around with Dave's father's day card opening it and dancing to the music that played. He's quite the dancer!!! I didn't get any other good pictures unfortunately as he was pretty miserable today. He's been battling ear infections, either strep throat or a virus infection in his throat, and now a pretty nasty cough and is losing his voice! Poor kiddo!!! He's a trooper though and still managed to have tons of fun with his daddy today!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Splish Splash Pool

Sorry we haven't posted any new pictures in a while. We've been busy working on our house and playing outside in the nice weather. Benjamin got a new pool to play with in the back yard. It's a blow up that you attach to the hose and the sides fill with water and spray out. It holds a couple inches of water in the inside and has different blow-up toys to play with. Its pretty neat and Benjamin seems to really like it. Here are some pictures from the past week of him having fun getting wet!

Benjamin and Dave really enjoy every bit of time they have together! They are really sweet to see with one another!

Here's one last splash, from Benjamin to you!!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Wet and Wild

I wanted to get some good pictures of Benjamin today because he's in his cute outfit that we bought him for our family pictures (which should arrive in the mail any day now!!!!). So I started taking some pictures of him playing around inside our living room this evening and before the night was over ended up with over 70 pictures!!!! The reason we had so many is because Dave and Benjamin went out and played in the sprinkler together and they were just so cute and had so much fun that I just click! click! click! 'ed away!!! Here are quite a few to see! There's a lot and I had trouble just picking these!!!!! :)

How our evening started out.....nice and quiet playing inside!!!

Then it was time for some Benjamin/Daddy wet fun in the sun!

This is them after just running through the sprinkler together! Benjamin loved it and was laughing so much!!!

Then next three are kind of like an action series as Dave and Benjamin ran towards and through the sprinkler. I definitely recommend clicking on them and making them bigger so you can see their funny poses. I made this first one bigger because I especially like it!

Whoa! He could barely stand up he was moving around so much and having such a great time! He fell like five times, but just kept getting right back up and playing! Such a fun little guy!

I was able to catch him a couple times being still long enough for me to take some pictures of his sweet smiles!!!!

This is Benjamin pointing to a bird on our house. He loves pointing to them in the sky and was very tickled to see this one on our house!!!!

After all that hard playing outside, it was time for some good bathing! He loves water so much! I'm so happy he could have a full day enjoying it (especially since he got to do it with his daddy!!!!)

Friday, June 1, 2007

The Sprinkler

As I type this I am contemplating going to bed soon (its 8:00, Benjamin went to bed before 7:30)! I am tired! We've been crazy busy lately. We went to Lafayette for my birthday on Wednesday. Dave had to work Saturday (thought he was gonna have it off), so he decided to bank a vacation day from it instead of getting paid for it this time and told me we could do whatever I wanted for my birthday. Pretty cool, huh? I chose to go to Lafayette and take Benjamin to Purdue for the first time. It was a wonderful day! The weather was beautiful and we had a blast walking all over campus and driving around town. Benjamin and Dave had a lot of fun playing in the fountains on campus and that was really cute to watch! (Dave always tried to talk me into going through them with him when we were students and I always refused, so it was nice for him to have someone to get wet in them with!) We also got to see some of our old friends, including going out to eat with two of the girls I worked with at the hospital and their families. All in all.....a fabulous birthday! I really miss Lafayette still, so it was really nice to be back for a day! The only bad part of the day was I forgot my camera! Crazy, I know! I was so worried about remembering to put it on the charger the night before so it would work the next day and then I forgot to take it off the charger and put it in my bag! I was pretty devastated at first, but we made it through! So you'll just have to imagine the fun times we had there! Then yesterday Benjamin and I drove to Danville which is on the west side of Indianapolis (about an hour and a half away) to see my best friend from nursing school, Rachel. I hadn't seen her since she came and visited us when Benjamin was one week old, so it was really great to see her! We had a great time together!

Today Benjamin and I mostly just took it easy. We didn't get in the car once!!!! A much deserved break. We had a lot of fun outside. I put Benjamin in a swimmer diaper and his swimming shirt and let him play in the sprinkler for the first time. He loves water so much and had a lot of fun! He's pretty fearless and would get right in it! Here's some pics! Hope all of you are well and having fun out there!

I think this picture is priceless! He's such a cutie!

Zoe had a blast with us out there. She really likes getting in the sprinkler too and would go back and forth from doing that and playing with her ball. Now she's exhausted just like me and Benjamin!

He had fun trying to fill this bucket with water from the sprinkler and then dumping it out. If you enlarge the picture, you can see he's making a funny face in this picture cause he's getting hit with the water!

"Look mom, I'm all wet!" On a side note, he says mom-mom-mom-mom all day long now. It's really, really cute!