Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Well we had one heck of a crazy weekend! The kids and I went down to my parents house on Thursday. Dave came down on Friday and we went to a rehearsal dinner. Saturday Dave and I went to two different weddings. Later that night we drove to Dayton, OH so we could go to Dave's nephew Jack's baptism! Whew!!!! Today we mostly just recovered and re-filled our fridge! Hope all of you had a great weekend too!

Anna got to meet her great-grandma (Mamom) and I think it was love immediately!!! I was telling Dave that Benjamin got to see all of his family this weekend except for one uncle. He saw all four grandparents, Aunt Katie, Aunt Kelly, Aunt Shawna, Uncle Jimmy, Cousin Jack, Uncle Mike, Cousin Kayla, Mamom, Great Grandma and Great Grandpa. How crazy is that?!?! We are really blessed to have such a big loving family for our kids to grow up loving!

Here are some new pictures of the two baby girls!

We went to a rehearsal dinner on the a cruise boat on the Ohio River and I swear, Benjamin had THE best time of his life!!! He danced and danced and danced some more! It was so cute!

We drove to Dayton late Saturday night after we both got back from the weddings. It's a three hour drive and we didn't want to have to do it so early in the morning, so we got a hotel room. Well the kids didn't stay asleep and we didn't end up getting to the hotel until 4:00 am. We were pretty exhausted and so were the kids. We still had a really great time and were so happy to see Jack again! He is getting so big and too cute! I wish I wouldn't have been so tired, so that I could have gotten a picture of him! After the baptism on Sunday we drove home and the kids stayed asleep the whole drive and then stayed asleep until almost 8:00! Dave was napping with Benjamin and he couldn't get him to wake up, so I told him to just get up and lay Benjamin on the couch by himself (that's usually enough to jar him awake). Well this is how that plan turned out......

My little cupcake is 3 months old today!!!! She couldn't be any sweeter or more wonderful! Here's our monthly pictures with her bear......

While I was taking her picture, Benjamin jumped up into the rocking chair so he could "sit next to Anna". Here they are playing peak-a-boo!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lots To Share: Multiple Titles.....

First Up: Cheesy Grins and Finding Hands
Here's some recent pictures of Anna making some funny smiles for me. She smiles soooooo much. All you have to do is get in her eye-sight and barely talk to her and she starts smiling! She's been laughing a lot lately too! Such a happy, sweet baby!!!

The last couple of days she has started noticing her hands! Here's a captured moment of exploration! :)

Big Projects Need Big Naps!
We did George Bush proud and spent our Economic Stimulus check. We got a freezer for the garage, a water softener (exciting stuff, I know), and a playground set for our backyard for Benjamin (and Anna eventually!). Dave had his Dad come up and help him put it together this weekend. They must have known how tedious a job this would be because they took a nap before they even started! They do have the instructions near by though, so maybe there were studying by osmosis!!! :)

This is day two of construction. It said it would take 2 people 2-4 hours to build it. So far they have worked most of Sunday and all evening Tuesday and the poor guys still aren't done! My favorite moment of this project (besides the picture above) was when Dave told me, "You really don't want to turn the page on a 30 step instruction book and see that one step requires 200 screws!" How crazy is that! It should be so nice when it's done though and Benjamin is so excited! He has had fun "helping" and spending some quality time outside with Grandpa and Daddy! Drilling away.......
Benjamin's friend Maddox came over and played today and they did really well together and played pretty nice for them! :) Maddox kept coming over and rubbing Anna's belly and so Benjamin would too! She really enjoyed watching the two of them!!!!

Bath Time!
We finally took some pictures of Anna getting a bath. We had video-taped her, but kept forgetting to get some pictures. I can't tell if she likes bath time or not, but she is quiet the whole time and never cries!

I think it's obvious, but I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but my poor little baby is sick! I was sick with a sinus infection for two weeks, Benjamin has an ear infection, and now Anna does too! It's so pitiful seeing her sick when she's so little! She has a nasty cough and lots of congestion and her eye keeps running like crazy! She won't keep her medicine down and actually projectile vomited it with a ton of mucus up tonight (hence the need for the bath). So please, if you will, pray that she starts keeping it down and gets better!!! I hate seeing her sick!

Big Boy Bed
And now the really exciting news....Benjamin has slept in his big boy bed the past two days (naps and at night-time)! I can't believe how easy a transition it's been! He's really funny and you can tell sometimes he's a little scared and wants to get out. But I explained to him that this was where big boys slept and that babies slept in cribs and you can see the wheels turn as he starts to get a little teary as I'm leaving and wants to go back to his crib but doesn't want to give up his big boy status! Well that was how it was yesterday. Today though he has gone in there excited and hasn't cried at all! It broke my heart a little bit at first because it makes him seem so grown up to me, to put him to bed in a real bed! But I'm okay, I know it has to happen eventually! Plus, I'm sure we'll all be thankful in a couple of months when Anna has outgrown her bassinet and needs the crib!!!! Here's my BIG BOY, sleeping away......

Well I better head off to bed. It's really late and we have a crazy weekend ahead of us with lots of traveling, two weddings, a rehearsal dinner, and a baptism! Here's hoping we get everyone well fast! Thank goodness Dave has Monday off....we're gonna need it to recover!!! Have a great three-day weekend everyone! God bless!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Anna Photo Shoot

Anna got a new blanket from her great-great Aunt Doris and I thought it was so unique and beautiful! It's a circle and I had never seen a blanket made into a circle! So I laid it out and did a little photo shoot with her (I know, like I needed more pictures!!!) :) But anyway, there's a lot here....but I just thought they were so cute and showed how she really looks to us! This first one is a shot of the whole blanket! It is so big, I'm sure it took a lot of time and it is just gorgeous!!!! Little fact...Aunt Doris is Anna's great-grandma Faith's sister, which is who Anna's middle name is after!!! :)

Some close-ups.......

Dave says he really likes this one and thinks it looks so much like her to him.

This is how she spends a lot of time...standing up! She really likes to either be standing up or laying flat so she can kick and squirm around!

So precious!

And if the pink blanket, pink elephant shirt, and pink pants weren't's a pink paci and pink elephant to top it off!!!! I'm not that big of a pink fan, but every once in awhile we go all out!!! :)

And I just thought this was a sweet shot of her feet to end with!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Daughter is Going Bald.....

This may seem like a silly post, but I put a lot of stuff on here that I don't necessarily feel the need to share with the world....but I'm using this as a journal of sorts so that we can look back at our lives at things we may forget! So bare with me! :)

Poor Anna is definitely losing her hair! This is her when she was 3 days old....

And this was taken about 5 weeks ago....

WARNING: This is where things get a little gross! Last week I looked in Anna's bed at the burp clothe that I keep in there under her head to protect her sheet for when she spits up. I looked from a distance and was like that's yucky, she stained the burp clothe dark brown, that's some nasty spit up! Then I got closer and I realized it was her HAIR!!!!! She had rubbed a bunch of it off while sleeping! How sad?!?!?!?!

This is a picture I took of her the day I discovered the burp clothe (which was about a week ago). See the bald spot??? Well it gets worse...

This is her tonight! She's almost bald in some places!!!!

My poor baby! But I have to say, I was prepared for this. For this is how Benjamin's cute head started off......

Same dark hair, then bald, now I just have to wait and see if Anna becomes a blondie like he did!!!!!
And here are some non-hair related pics! :)
My mom came for a visit today and brought a chocolate bunny from Easter since Benjamin had enjoyed his so much from his basket. He had some tonight after I cut his nails and he didn't cry at all (may not seem like much to most, but to me this was a HUGE milestone)!!!!! Needless to say, he was very, very excited to be sinking his teeth into another chocolate bunny! :)

And here's Daddy and his babies!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Yesterday for my Mother's Day present we went to the Indianapolis Zoo. We really love it there and had a great time. It's so wonderful seeing things through your child's eyes. Benjamin was adorable getting so excited when he saw all the animals! I think his favorite were the penguins. He liked them so much and I think he would have stayed there forever!!!!
This was his favorite part....they had a glass in the floor and you could watch the penguins swim under your feet. He stayed there a long time and I had to practically pull him away!

Benjamin's friend Maddox came too!

We went to the dolphin show that they have and I enjoyed watching Benjamin's face more than the dolphins. His face would light up and he would smile so big when the dolphins jumped out of the water!

Family Picture....yea!

My awesome son took this picture of the elephant (another one of his favorites)!

Dave took some pictures of me and my two babies today. I am so happy to be their Momma!!!!!

Kiss for Anna!

And one for Momma!

Hugs too!

All four of us!

Today was my first Mother's Day with Anna! I thought it was really cute that we both had white sweaters on! I could have never imagined how much I would love her! She is the sweetest little girl and she brings me such joy! God has blessed me more than I can say!