Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! We hope that 2007 is a very special year for you all. Benjamin is already asleep, so I don't think he'll be watching the ball drop with us. But here are some photos of his early New Year's celebration!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Round 2

So we decided to give Benjamin the rest of his birthday cake tonight. I don't know if it was because he had practice from last night or if he felt more free since it was just the three of us, but he went crazy. He got cake everywhere.....all over himself, all over the floor, all over me and Dave (including my hair), all over the bathroom, etc.!!!! It was quite the event! He was really cute! Needless to say his cake is now done!

Also, here are some pictures from Middleton Place, a plantation that we went to today with my parents. It was really pretty there and we had beautiful weather!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Sightseeing With Family

We were blessed to have the Dave's family come visit for Benjamin's birthday. On their frist day here we had a lot of fun sharing Charleston with them. Here are some pictures of our trip to Fort Sumpter with them!

Benjamin's 1st Birthday!!!!!

Today was Benjamin's 1st birthday!!!! We had a wonderful time! Benjamin got lots of great toys, we ate lots of yummy food, and spent some great time together celebrating this big day! Benjamin was the best little birthday boy and enjoyed everything. We did Sesame Street theme because Benjamin really enjoys watching Sesame Street. Here's a picture of some of our party decorations!

This is Benjamin flipping his finger over his lips over and over again. His Grandpa Jim taught him that and he hasn't stopped doing it, he loves it!

Opening presents......he did a great job, he's a real pro by now with all the practice he's gotten with Christmas and his birthday!

This is a Sesame Street MP3 Player that Steve, Diana, and Stephanie sent Benjamin. He really liked it and we had to hide it to get him to open more presents!

Riding the Tigger airplane that Andy and Kelly sent Benjamin. He really liked it, it is such a cool toy!!!!

Playing in the cool Hippo Ball Play Area that Jimmy and Shawna got Benjamin. A very neat gift for a little one year old to get!

Tickle Me Elmo Extreme that Grandma Susan and Grandpa Warren got Benjamin gets to play in the balls too! Grandma Frankie got a big kick out of Elmo!!!!

Benjamin's First Birthday cake made by his mommy. I'm not very crafty, but I was pleased with how it turned out and I think Benjamin was too!

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Benjamin! Happy Birthday to you! He was pretty excited! I think he was really interested in the candle!

"Mmmmmmmm, yummy cake! Are you sure I'm allowed to have this mom and dad?"

He was so cute making a mess and enjoying his cake. He did a really good job!

Happy family on a very happy day!

The aftermath of Benjamin's fun cake eating!
All the party guests! Mommy, Daddy, and Benjamin, Grandma Susan and Grandpa Warren, Grandma Frankie and Grandpa Jim, Jimmy and Shawna, and Mike! We are so thankful that they all came all the way down to South Carolina to share this special day with us! Thanks so much everyone! We love you and you helped make this a really special day!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What a Big Boy!

As requested (Samantha) here is a picture of my big boy drinking out of a cup all by himself! He usually just lets us hold if for him while he drinks. But this past week he has started doing it himself! It is so cute and I think its so cool cause it just makes him seem so big!!!!! tears!!!!! :)

On a side note, here is a unique picture. What is it you may ask???? Well it just happens to be a picture of my son's mouth! He actually tried to bite the camera once when I was taking his picture while he was opening his Christmas presents! Dave and I couldn't believe that it actually came out red and not dark!!! The joys of having a little boy!!!!! :)

Benjamin's First Christmas!!!

On Christmas Eve we went to church in the morning, which was a nice service. Benjamin once again flirted with everyone! Then we went for a walk and had a picnic at the plantation. This is us at the observation tower after our walk. It was a really pretty day and very good temperature!

I got the best gift ever for Christmas Eve, a kiss from my baby boy! These are his Christmas PJ's that I was so happy to find! They are baby long johns! He was super cute in them! We let him open a few presents that night and he had a lot of fun with the polar bear thing that's in the background.

Christmas Day
Our Christmas tree before we opened all the presents!

Benjamin opening his presents (with the help of his Daddy of course)! He was really good at it by the end of the day!

Benjamin's Christmas socks!

Benjamin really really liked his animal train. He played with it over and over again! It goes by itself (Benjamin also likes to push it faster) and plays songs about the animals when you push the front. Benjamin pushed it over and over again and dances by moving his arms up and down along to the song....very cute!

Benjamin opening his stocking. He lost his clothes! Surprise! Surprise! This was after we drove to Folly to get me some burn spray cause I burnt my fingers making our dinner and that was the only place open. Since we were so close to the beach at that point, we decided to go for a walk on the beach! We thought it was pretty cool to be walking on the beach on Christmas day!

All in all we had a very Merry Christmas! Hope all of you did as well!
Dave, Andee, and Benjamin

Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Look Back at a Very Wonderful Year

We decided to do a review of the last year having Benjamin in our life. Its been a wonderful year and we are so thankful to God for blessing us so richly! We can't believe that Benjamin has already been with us for a whole year. This is a long post, but we wanted to have pictures of Benjamin from his whole life on our new website and we thought it would be a fun way to look back as we are getting ready to celebrate his first birthday. This picture is me 9 months pregnant with Benjamin.


After 9 1/2 months of pregnancy, 1 1//2 days of labor, five hours of pushing, and a c-section Benjamin Cole was born into this world on December 29th, 2005 at 2:30 pm weighing 8 lb and 20 1/2 inches long. We were so happy to have him here! I can't believe that it was almost a year ago! We are so very blessed!

Dave looked forward to having his son curl his hand around Dave's finger the whole time I was pregnant. This is when Benjamin did it for the first time.....a very special moment for Dave!


Newborn Benjamin!!!! He was so little! I loved cuddling my newborn baby boy so much (I still do)!!!! We both had trouble putting him down! We were so happy to finally have him here!

1 Month

Benjamin was so cute and would fall asleep with his arms up like he was saying touchdown!!! We did a lot of sleeping during this time (when we could) as we were all pretty tired! Most nights Benjamin didn't want to go to bed until 2:30 am. He did start sleeping through the night at 6 weeks though, which was pretty impressive (and very nice)! We moved to our new house, Dave started his job, and I got bronchitis. It was a tiring, but exciting time! He was so cute and cuddly!!!!