Thursday, August 30, 2012

Holding Eva

Both of our girls in dresses for the first time together. Anna was pretty excited that Eva was wearing one for the first time!

The brothers interrupted our photo shoot.

It's okay though, we love them. (Don't ask why Collin doesn't have any clothes on...I did and he couldn't give me a reason, which happens quite frequently these days.)

We shooed the boys away for a few more sister pictures. Aren't they so sweet?

I love Eva's expression as she looks up at her big sister.

I got a new pack-n-play that has a super awesome little napper seat that gives me a safe place to put Eva during the day. Here she is checking it out.....we are both big fans!

You know the routine....Collin sees someone hold Eva....Collin needs a turn. I love his sweet eyelashes as he gazes down at her.

He's in love....BIG time.

Eva has to be one of the best babies ever born. She is so good to us. We can lay her down when she is drowsy and she puts herself to sleep!! I had no idea this was possible!

This time it was snuggles with her biggest brother. Benjamin likes talking to Eva a lot. He tells her, "I have a little sister, Anna, and you're my really, really little sister."

Check out his cheek. :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Pictures & Cousin Visit

Here are some pictures of me with my sweet babies.

My little Evie.

My beautiful girls.

Daddy and Evie cuddles.

She was so sleepy here.

It was time for her to eat, so I kept moving her into different poses figuring I would get some cute pictures until she woke up. When she falls back asleep after stirring she makes sweet little smiles...

I even turned her to her tummy and she kept on dreaming.

Sweet, sweet baby feet.

My niece, Katrina, came to visit and enjoyed holding Eva (she loves her baby cousin!). 

They tickled me because Collin was so very jealous of Katrina holding Eva. He kept telling me, "but she's taking a really long turn!" Katrina's keeping her eye on him here.

Dance class has started back up and our little dancer couldn't be happier!

When Katrina was finished, Collin just had to get his hands on Eva. Here he is doing the "shhh" sound to try and soothe her. He's a good big brother! Also, this is a good shot to show off Collin's two-toned hair that everyone thinks is so cool. He gets so many compliments!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Friend Visit

Our friends Adrian and Stacia (who live in New York) came to visit family and stayed at our house for a week. They were kind enough to spend a couple of their days with us and we had a great time. They have two little girls and our kids had so much fun having them here for a week. On our last day together we went to Brown County. Here we are on a little hike.

You can't see it very well, but Anna and Sariah are holding hands which was adorable to watch. Also, check out Collin's shoes. He is so excited that he has finally grown into Anna's old Toy Story boots. He thinks he's big stuff in them!

Our big kids with Sariah and Brinley.

Group shot (except Dave)

After our hike we had a picnic lunch and spent some time at the nature center. Then the kids had some fun at the playground.

After the playground we surprised the kids with pony rides (which the parents lead on their own, which was kind of cool).

Anna had fun, but was so sad because her horse didn't stop to get a drink of water. She can really tickle us with what she gets upset about and then doesn't get bothered by things that you would expect her to.

My bugaboo is getting so tall that he's starting to look big when he's on a pony!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crazy Hair and Rearrangements

They boys hair has gotten way too long (it's HARD to fit in hair cuts when you have a newborn!) so Benjamin came out and surprised me one morning with his funny hair that he created when he was wetting his hair down for the day. He was really tickled with himself and so he had a funny smile to go with his funny hair and when you throw in the missing tooth from his smile, it made me laugh so hard and I had to have a picture! The picture doesn't do the moment justice either, he looked so silly!

I love the way Eva looks around when she's sitting up to get burped. Those sweet, sweet eyes....

We decided to get rid of a huge couch that we had in the living room that we do school in. It gives us so much more space and we are loving it! We moved Anna's desk up from the basement and I can even pull Collin's little desk over and they can all three sit and do some school work which is pretty fun.

Hard at work! (Don't let this picture fool you is rare that I have all three of them sitting still like this and Eva asleep to give me free arms/hands. But when it does happen, it's magical. As hard as homeschooling can be with our four kids, it is such a blessing!)

Collin loves playdough + Collin loves red = super happy Collin

Eva enjoying some time with Daddy after he gets home from work and the other kids are sleeping. He sure misses his baby when he's working!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Little One Month Old

It is still so amazing to us how much the kids love Eva, especially that Collin is so infatuated with her. All three of them love on her and check on her every chance they get!

Collin makes me smile because he calls her Eva Corinne every time he says her name and he says Corinne in the cutest way.

Can't believe she's already one month! Here's Eva with her bunny for her first monthly picture.

These guys crashed our photo shoot. They just can't stay away from their baby sister! Love how she's looking up at them.

And this guy snuck in a cuddle with her.

While all of the above was going on, so was this....

Cuddling with my little Evie.

Sleepy picture. Isn't she adorable??

One more picture with her bunny in her night gown before bed. Look at those sweet eyes!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bright Eyes

Eva is all of a sudden keeping her eyes wide open for longer. Here she is all clean and sweet after her bath.

Love Eva's cute expression as she looks up at her big sis.

Benjamin, Anna, and Collin are so in love with Eva and continue to greet her with excited kisses and rubs whenever they see her.

Kicking her legs and doing the hand dance.