Friday, December 28, 2007


We had a very Merry Christmas with our families. We started by having Christmas morning in our house just the three of us (the last time I can say that)! Benjamin got some great presents from us and Santa. Here he is organizing all of the presents before opening them. You'll have to excuse his crazy bed-head!

Opening his airplane that he got from Santa!

And his big present from us....a new kitchen all of his own!

Playing with the food and utensils while Dave put the kitchen together.

Dave working hard putting the kitchen together! Yea Daddy!

We had a great morning together and it was so funny because Benjamin wouldn't open all his presents. We ended up having to leave a couple presents and his stocking for when we got home, because he just wanted to play with his kitchen and wouldn't let me even bring him the other presents! So funny!

We drove down to be with our families and headed over to my aunt Mildred's house to have Christmas with my dad's family. Here's four generations of Sellers!

Dave, Benjamin, and my cousins had fun wrestling........

and hugging afterwards!

Me and Katie showing off matching outfits that we got for our little girls on the way!

Benjamin playing with his globe that he got from my uncle Steve and his family!

He loved the globe and fell asleep playing with it on the way to Dave's parents' house!

Playing with the doctor's kit he got from Dave's parents. He loves playing with my stethoscope and now he has his own that doesn't hurt his ears!

Baby Jack playing with the toy we got him for Christmas! I think he liked it!
Benjamin had fun running around playing chase with these wrapping paper tubes with his uncles!

The next morning we went over to my parents' house to have Christmas with them.

Playing with the coloring present that Katie and Trent got him.

Instead of buying presents for everyone, we all went in together and got a Wii game system. Dave was sooo excited about getting to play it with everyone (he got to Sam's at 4:45 am the day after Thanksgiving to get it!) Here's Dave, Katie, and Trent playing a game that involved rowing I think! Needless to say, we had fun!

I had Jack propped on the couch with two pillows and Benjamin came up on his own, moved one of the pillows and climbed up next to him. He then sat next to him for about 20 minutes just checking him out and letting Jack touch him and helped hold Jack up. It was really sweet!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!

We had a great Christmas Eve! It started with us getting a package from Kelly and Andy this morning. Benjamin loved getting to open his first presents. He got an outfit from them and started trying to put the pants on over his jammies! So we went ahead and let him wear it today and all day he would point to his clothes and say "Kelly"! So cute! Here he is pointing out Kelly and Andy in the picture they sent with their Christmas card. We put it on the wall with our other Christmas cards because he loves pointing out all the people he knows in the pictures!

He opened my present from Kelly too and put it with his clothes and wouldn't even let me look at it! Here's his pile of loot and his picture that he carried around for awhile!

My mom and dad came up this afternoon and brought some present from my aunts for Benjamin. Here he is drinking out of the cup to leave out for Santa's milk!

He also got this cute pull-out sofa chair. He loved sitting in it and pulling out the bed and pretending to go to sleep!

Opening more presents in his new chair. He's definitely got the unwrapping thing down!

After we opened presents we went to our church's Christmas Eve service and it was really nice. Benjamin did really well and loved seeing all the kids and all the music. Its so nice to take some time and celebrate the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of our Jesus. We are so blessed that he came for each one of us!
Here he is all ready for bed watching Elmo in his new Elmo chair and drinking milk in his Elmo cup! I think our house is turning into Sesame Street!!!! He loves it though! Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas Eve and a have wonderful day tomorrow!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fun at our Children's Museum

We had another fun day at our little children's museum here in town. They re-did part of it, so we had fun exploring the new activities.

Here's Benjamin with his favorite.....bubbles!!!!!

We had fun putting the big bubbles over Benjamin's head........

and then see his expression when it popped!

The new exhibit is a get moving exhibit with lots of exercise and sports type activities. Benjamin loves basketball, so he was really tickled by this new activity. By the way, he calls it baball!

Working out hard on the toddler-size elliptical machine!

Playing tug-of-war with daddy! He would pull and then fall to the floor as if to give it some extra umph!

Dave eventually stopped pulling the rope, but Benjamin kept on for quite awhile. He would scrunch his face up and yell "pull!!!!"

I've had a lot of posts here lately. I guess were just having a ton of fun in December!

Ultimate Bad Santa Photos

We took Benjamin to see Santa last night. He was really excited leading up to it and afterwards....but he did not like sitting on Santa's lap!!!! The picture you could buy was really expensive, so we didn't even try to get one. Dave just stood on the edge and took some with our camera. I wasn't too big on getting a picture of him with Santa, so I only had him sit there for a few seconds, because I didn't want him getting too scared and not liking Santa! Here's the result......

Benjamin was really happy once I picked him back up was interested in Santa and gave him a high five and waved and everything. He just didn't want to be put on a stranger's lap.....I can't blame him!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Movie

Benjamin had quite an evening with some big firsts. We took him to his first movie and he had popcorn for the first time! He liked both!!!! I was really nervous about the popcorn, but once again he showed me that he has no problem chewing anything! He also did really great for his first time sitting through a movie. We took him to Bee Movie (which is really cute by the way) and it was about an hour and half long and he was sooo good! Not that it mattered, because we were the only people in the theatre! How lucky is that! It took a lot of the stress off Dave and I to make sure he stayed still and quiet! Here are some pictures I took, since I didn't have to worry about bothering anyone else!

Enjoying Mamma's coke!

I think he was really confused about me getting up and taking his picture this far away!

He was so cute after the movie too. They had music and we started dancing and he has started trying to mimic everything I do, including my facial expressions! So priceless! So Benjamin and I just stood there and danced for like 10 minutes during the credits 'cause we didn't have to worry about being embarrassed because there wasn't anyone else there! What a cool way to see a movie! (Especially with a toddler!!!!) :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

More Snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Benjamin and I went out and played in the snow again today and of course had more fun!!!!! Benjamin really loves the snow! It was only 25 degrees today, but there was no wind and the sun was shining so it wasn't that bad. Hope all of you are out having some wintry fun too!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

SNOW!!!!! (Caution....long!)

While Benjamin was napping today, Dave and I went through the last couple of boxes we have and I came across the cats leashes that we used to use in our first apartment to take them outside with. When Benjamin woke up he immediately found them as he loves leashes and he was very tickled to learn they were the kitties and not Zoe's. Because I'm a sweet momma (and Milo's been driving me crazy lately with peeing on the carpet!), I put on the leash and collar and let Benjamin play with it. He was so tickled and was surprisingly good with Milo. Milo wasn't very exciting and mostly just laid on the ground.

You can see on his face how delighted he was at having one of his kitties on a leash! The pink leash is Pepper's and he held it the hold time and told me about a million times that it was Pepper's! I wouldn't put it on her though, because she's so timid with Benjamin.

The exciting part of our day was that we got our first major snow. It snowed all morning and afternoon and was really sticking. It rained though and we lost some of it. But after it stopped we took Benjamin out to play in his first snow! We were in Charleston last winter, so he never got to play in it. Here he is all bundled up and ready to go out to the snow! You can see his new snow shoes in this picture. They are some serious boots and it was so funny because he had quite a bit of trouble walking in them at first! But he eventually got the hang of it!

Dave putting his gloves on. He did so well keeping his coat, hat, and gloves on. Usually he hates the gloves and hat and won't wear them! Yea Benjamin! The wind blew right when I took this picture, so that's why he's making that funny face. It wasn't too windy or cold since we were all bundled up. So it was a nice day for some snow fun!

Dave starting to make a snow man..........

and Benjamin trying to do the same!!!!!!

Working together as a team! Benjamin would yell "push!" as they pushed the snow balls around the yard, making them bigger!

Benjamin smiling away at the snowman he and Dave made while Dave was inside getting the stuff to decorate the snowman!

Benjamin brought the carrot to the snowman and gave him a nose!

My two boys with their first snowman. Good job guys! We had so much fun playing in the snow with Benjamin for the first time! He loved it!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!