Saturday, October 12, 2013

Collin Turns 4!!!

Dave tries to take the kids' birthdays off so we can have a fun family day spending time celebrating. Collin's birthday fell on Saturday (the day of his party) which was fun, so Dave was sweet and took Friday off and we had a great day!! We started off our day with brunch at the airport for our little airplane lover. He had fun opening his presents in the restaurant.

He LOVES his "grabber"! He has been interested in them for awhile and was so very excited to have his own.

After we ate, we finished opening presents outside by the airplanes. A big jet had landed while we were eating and the lady who owned it saw us celebrating Collin's birthday and invited him on board! He was shy at first, but quickly made himself right at home!!

It was super special!

Happy Birthday Boy!

Finishing his present unwrapping.

And of course we had to take a picture with his airplane!

His two favorite presents stayed close to him the rest of the day, his leaf blower and grabber!

Next, we moved the fun to the pumpkin patch!

"The middles" on top of a haystack.

Corn maze!

The big, tough four year old insisted on pushing the pumpkins all the way back.

The kids thought it was neat that this tractor's tire was the same height as me.

So much fun, the birthday boy crashed....but not without his grabber!

Our next stop was Ethnic Expo where Collin gobbled up lots of Chinese biscuits. We spent the rest of the day outside playing. Unfortunately, that led to probably the worst "boo-boo" (he loves to talk about boo boos so much that Grandma calls him Boo Boo) he's ever had. He was running after Benjamin to tell him something and tripped and somehow face planted into the sidewalk (he was even wearing a helmet!). His poor face was scraped so bad under his eye.

He also cut into the inside of his upper lip which bled so much. I think that's what upset him the most, all the blood. It really scares him when he bleeds. Here he is trying to show me his lip "boo boo". Gotta love his expression here though!

Collin has been so grateful lately! He told me so many times, "Momma, I loved this day. I wish I could have it over and over again. But I hope I never get hurt like that again." He also told me that he was going to cuddle me for 10 minutes as soon as he woke up the next day. He was a man of his word and he, bear, and I enjoyed an awesome birthday cuddle! (The camera flash was super bright, btw!)

After our cuddle it was time to get busy....we had a birthday party to get ready for! Collin absolutely LOVES Peter Rabbit. He has never been one to watch any tv, until he discovered Peter Rabbit. He will watch the same episodes over and over again as many times as we let him. So we made a fun Peter Rabbit party including cupcakes!

Mr. McGregor's Garden

Four years old!! He has wanted to be four so long, so badly!

Aunt Katie read Peter Rabbit to Collin's friends.

Look how Collin's playing with his hair below, twirling it in the front. He has always done this when he's getting tired or relaxed. Once I accidentally cut his hair too short in the front and he was so sad to not have anything to play with! I haven't made that mistake again.

Next we had bunny sack races to steal from Mr. McGregor's garden.

We also made Peter Rabbit puppets.

Collin had a very special helper, his love....Tierney!

Present time!

He loved all the planes he got!

He really wanted this Jake Lego set!

Happy Birthday to you!

Cupcake time!

What a big four year old bite!

Anna planned for days that she was going to put her cupcake decoration behind her ear like this.

After cake, all the boys immediately ran off to play on the playground and be wild boys while the two girls quietly colored.

It was a very fun party and we so enjoyed celebrating our Monkey!

Friday, October 4, 2013

End of Soccer & Apple Orchard Fieldtrip

We finished up our season with a fun, but wet day of soccer. Anna scored a bunch of goals to end her season.

One last team cheer.

Dave has the parents create a tunnel for the kids to go through for high fives and cheers.

Anna getting her trophy.

 Team picture.

They had a great season together!!

Next, for Benjamin's game we had quite the show. The games were switched to Sunday because there was a race in our town that Saturday. The team Benjamin played were mostly from a Mormon church that does church all afternoon, so most of the team didn't come. So they put siblings that had cleats in and they borrowed a few from Benjamin's team so that the kids could still have a last game. So what you're seeing below is all three of our big kids playing together. Crazy!

Brother vs Sister

Anna even had her first try at goalie and did great!

Benjamin's turn for a medal.

He had so much fun this season. Look at how wet his head is!

Benjamin's team.

A group of homeschool families planned a field trip to a local apple orchard. Dave took the day off and joined us and we had a lot of fun. It was a nice warm day but rained on us. We still managed to have fun and the kids learned a lot about the orchard and apples. Here I am helping Anna find her perfect apple.

Collin trying to find one with lots of red (his favorite color).

Benjamin tried to find the biggest, highest one he could reach.

On the way home, Eva had fallen asleep so Dave took the other three and walked around to see a bunch of old army vehicles at a local army base. As you can imagine, Collin thought this was pretty awesome!