Saturday, October 31, 2009

"Appy Ha-oh-weeeen!"

That's how Anna says it, so "appy ha-oh-weeeeen" everyone! We had a great day! Our church had their annual pumpkin fest and since Halloween was on a Saturday, trunk-or-treats followed. So after nap time, we got the kids all dressed up for the fun day. Anna got up from naps first, so we had some girly time getting her prepared to be a beautiful ballerina.......

Then sweet Collin got his zebra on!

Benjamin took a super long nap and finally woke up to become the 'ceratops (triceratops) he's been waiting so long to become! They were sweet and sat for a group picture for me!

I tried to get their pictures with the trees outside church, but they were too excited to pose for the pictures. The one good shot I got, their head gear was in the way.......

Benjamin was so excited to wear his costume. He would ask me every day how much longer until Halloween and why it was taking so long!

Doesn't he make a fierce dinosaur?!?!

I think he's mostly just a cute one!

Squatting cuties!

Can she pick it up?

Yes, she can!

Have you ever seen a dinosaur hug a pumpkin before? Here's Benjamin and his friend Maddux....

We had fun on our hay ride!
Anna was tickled when we started moving!
Collin enjoyed his first hay ride too, at least in his dreams he did!

He's just so cute!

People from our church park their cars and hand out candy from their trunks. It works perfect for trick-or-treating for our kids.


Benjamin shaking his tail for us!

After we trick-or-treated, we came home, had some dinner, and the kids had a lot of fun handing out candy to the other kids. They were so cute sitting at the table, watching a Halloween show, eating in their costumes. They would pause and run to the door every time kids came!

They were really good about taking turns handing out the candy.

Collin slept through most of the activity though!

I don't even know how many suckers our little ballerina had today!

Benjamin was so excited about all of his candy too!

What happens at the end of the day when you have a sugar high? You wrestle with Daddy of course!

Daddy's girl saying night-night!

Collin all bundled up and ready to sleep too! He's our little Burrito 2.0!
I got creative and focused on getting Collin's announcement picture this week. It's super adorable, but I don't want to ruin the surprise, so here's some other cute pictures I took this week.........

They don't seem to realize that Collin is supposed to be seen in the picture too!

Naked boy!
Cutie pie!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So I thought it was about time to do some comparisons of the three kiddos! We've gotten lots of "Collin looks like Benjamin" and "He's a Benjamin with dark hair" comments. And while we think Collin does look like Benjamin, we think he looks a lot like Anna too. So he recently wore some of the same outfits that Benjamin and Anna did as babies, so I thought it'd be fun to look up some old pictures......

Here's Collin from a few days ago........
and here's Baby Benjamin from almost 4 years ago!
Collin again...........
and Baby Anna from not so long ago.......

Basically I think our newborn babies all look really similar! We think Collin's eyes look a lot like Benjamin's eye shape, they all three have a similar nose, and his over-all face/head shape and mouth look a lot like Anna. It'll be so fun to see how he changes and grows! But I hope it goes nice and slowly!

Here are some funny pictures:
I actually caught Collin mid-sneeze the other day! How cute is that?!?! :)

Dave made this funny face when I was trying to get pictures of he and Collin, so of course I had to share it! After I posted this and showed it to Dave, he said I had to mention that he had a mouth full of food. Hehehe!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Fun

Baby boy in baby blue.....

I looked over the other day at lunch time and saw Benjamin wiping Anna's face.....

and hands! Such a big helper!

Dave and Anna had some alone time during naps recently and decided to play dress up with one of Benjamin's old Halloween costumes. Isn't she a cute little kangaroo?

Our friends Brian, Ryan, and Maddux came over to visit with Baby Collin!

I love my Collin cuddles!

Such a sweet little body!

"Whoooo's the cutest?" Collin is!

Benjamin never passes up an opportunity when Collin is awake to spend time with his baby brother!

My three little festive babies!

After getting the little ones dressed up in some Halloween clothes, we headed to get another pumpkin. Dave wanted to carve one with the kids for the first time, so we needed a big one. Benjamin picked us out a good one from a little farmer's market next to our house.

Both Benjamin and Anna were disappointed they couldn't pick the pumpkin up, so we let them pick out an itty bitty one too, which they were overjoyed about! They even picked one out for Collin!

Later that night, the kids did a great job with supper so we had fudgesicles as a treat! Needless to say, they were a hit!

And a mess!

After dessert, it was time to put lights in the pumpkin they carved with Dave earlier.....

They were so excited when we turned the pumpkin around and the face was all lit up!

Benjamin asked to hold Collin again this morning, which as you can see made Anna want a turn too!

It doesn't look like Collin is enjoying Anna and Benjamin's conversation!

Anna loves Collin's hair!

She loves her baby brother so much!

Collin went in for his two week check up today. He's not actually two weeks until Monday, but they wanted us to come in today when our doctor had time to do his circumcision since they didn't do it when he was in the hospital. When the doctor came to do it in the hospital, he was really gaggy and was spitting up some mucous, so she didn't want to strap him down while he was doing that. I was really nervous about him going through it, but he did so good. She said he hardly cried and when he came back to the room with us, he was alert and seemed happy! He's been really tired today from all the activity, but seems like he's fine from it. Yea! He weighed 9 lb 4 oz and was 22 1/2 inches long and checked out perfectly! We are beyond blessed!!!!