Wednesday, February 29, 2012

20 Week Ultrasound of Little Bit

We had a wonderful ultrasound where we got to see our sweet baby and discover that we appear to have a healthy baby....yay!! This is my favorite view (head on right, belly on left, nose/eyes/mouth facing up)

The baby had his/her hands up by the face the whole time like this (head/face on right, arm and hand on left)

This view shows the baby's spine on the bottom of the image, head on the right, and you can see the baby's leg/knee curled up to the belly on the left.

The baby was in a unique position (sideways and face up) in my belly, so the doctor had a hard time getting very good images of the baby's face. But here you can see the baby's chest on the bottom right and the baby's eyes, nose, and mouth on the top right side of the image.

The baby was estimated to be 11 oz at the ultrasound. At my first ultrasound the baby was small so they changed my due date to July 25th (was the 17th) but this time the baby was big for that date, so I'm not really sure what my due date is supposed to be. But the baby is healthy and that's all we care about! : )

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26th, 2012

Our Children's Museum pass was about to expire, so we decided to do one last visit on Anna's birthday. We all had a really great day!

Collin really loved this little toy, simply because it was red.

Here comes the birthday girl!

Enjoying the new Mr. Potato Head exhibit.

Collin LOVED driving this ship!

These tools greatly excited him as well. He is really into fixing things with tools (or tootles as he calls them) right now!

Benjamin and Anna liked this spinning wheel.

Astronaut Mr. Potato Benjamin.

They had a little sea area where you looked up and it seemed like Mr. Potato Head was snorkeling and watching you swim.

Dave (finally) learned how to put on a headband. (Anna had to show him how it goes)

This is one of Benjamin's favorite parts, digging for pieces of a plate from a shipwreck and trying to put them together. He tells us that he wants to be an archaeologist (he says he wants to find treasures and animals to put in museums so people can enjoy them).

Mike and Kathy were sweet and came to enjoy some of Anna's birthday with us at the museum. Anna was so excited by her surprise visitors!

Back to work digging.....

Time to put a statue back together. This was hard work!

They did it!

The birthday girl insisted we visit the Barbie exhibit!

Fashion show....

This is how our days are lately with our Collin-Ollin. Huge fits over the littlest things. This one lasted about 30 minutes because we walked the wrong way and that upset him.

All that crying wore him out and he passed out during the cool airplane movie we got to see.

After some rest he was good as new!

Just a bee and a beaver crossing a log bridge.

And a pretty blue fish shaking her tail fins!

We had a really great visit!!!

After we drove home it was time for a few more presents for the sweet 4 year old!

Her brothers were so excited they gave Anna a huge birthday hug!

Go Anna, go!

New seek and find books.

Time to blow out the candle once more!

After the kids went to bed, I reorganized a lot of their toys to make room for the new kitchen and all of the birthday presents Anna got. Part of my organizing included moving this toy bin set back up to her room and filling it with some of her new toys. When I got up in the morning I noticed her door was closed with the light on. I went down and asked Dave if he had seen her. He said no, so we grabbed the camera and caught her exploring her surprise. It is so like our Anna to quietly start playing with a new discovery and enjoying it in the peace and quiet by herself!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Unicorn Party For Our Cupcake

Anna has been so excited for her birthday party. She waits while both brothers have birthdays the four months before her's and by the time her birthday comes around, she is OVERJOYED! Benjamin and Anna helped me make edible rings (yogurt covered pretzels with Gusher's attached). They had a lot of fun and were excited to try them out.

We also made a rainbow fruit tray....

had lots of balloons....


and a unicorn cake.

We had our biggest turn-out to a party yet, which means Anna was blessed with a lot of presents! She was so cute when she opened this one, she declared, "I've seen this on TV!"

See her joy over this princess hair/make-up set?

She has been really wanting roller skates and was pretty excited to receive some!

A beautiful dress-up gown....

Tearing into the new kitchen set from us....

This was my favorite moment....Anna knew that Benjamin and Dave had worked really hard building the kitchen and that Benjamin was so excited for her to open it. So she went over and gave him a big hug and thanked him. : )

Look at that smile as everyone sings to the birthday girl!

We hope all her wishes come true!