Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beautiful November

Benjamin and I had fun making "artic ice cream" together for school (he was doing a lesson on following directions). He did great and in just a few minutes we had mixed and shaken a few ingredients into ice cream!

The fall leaves continued to be beautiful, so we enjoyed another hike.

Anna is looking so much older lately. She is such a sweet girl and I'm very proud to be her Momma!

Daddy and his girls.

Brothers! (I didn't even realize they both had camo pants until I saw this picture)

Go Eva, go!

Beautiful scenery with my beautiful babies!

Momma's turn to go on a hike with Evie.

The kids had a grand time on the playground!

They especially enjoyed this tire swing!

We had amazing weather this day and so we made the most of it and played and played some more!

Collin LOVES his leaf blower!

Benjamin's absolute favorite thing to do right now is riding his bike!

Pretty Fall

Everyone had a turn helping rake the leaves.

Then they took turns burying each other.

After they had their fill of that, they decided to sweep the leaf pile onto the sidewalk so they could ride their bikes through it.

That was a big hit, especially with Anna and Collin who had to get a head start because of their training wheels to be able to make it through all the leaves. They didn't grasp the concept of just a small head start and instead would ride all the way to the end of our road and get themselves really going!

Anna went through time after time after time. The boys took over sweeping the leaves back into a big pile for her.

Eva finally woke up and joined the fun.

This was her first time being stable enough to walk on the sidewalk by herself and it was incredibly adorable watching her toddle up and down the sidewalk!

With a leaf in each hand of course.

She took a turn raking too.

We let Collin stay up from his nap since the weather was so nice and just let him play all day. When we finally came back in, he ended up falling asleep like this! I covered him up and he took quite a good nap....face down in a the middle of the living room!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall/Halloween Fun

We made sure to enjoy several trips to Brown County as the leaves changed and we were blessed with beautiful sights! On this trip we took some pictures with the pretty leaves. These two sure are getting big!

Our little monkey hanging from a tree.

Our three big kiddos.

 This is so Collin!

Couldn't resist photographing this precious moment.


We even took the tripod and got a family picture!

Benjamin said, "Momma, watch this. Its really cool how you can teach people about Jesus." (he grabs a dry erase marker and makes an x) "So, this is you and you tell someone about Jesus" (draws a second x next to original one) "Then they tell people about Jesus and it just keeps going" (draws x's off the ones he already drew and keeps going and going) "See, its really easy to make sure lots of people know about Jesus." It was a very proud moment for me, I may have even teared up a little bit.

Painting pumpkins!

Daddy and Benjamin carved one together.

They picked a Dracula. Spooky!

Trick or Treat time
Here's our king! Benjamin was really excited to use this cloak that is from his Daddy's childhood.

Collin, our fierce police officer!

We had to ask several times to get a smile, he just wanted to do tough guy faces!

Our boys!

Anna as Doc McStuffins!

Our sweet little elephant Eva who wasn't feeling very good but still joined in on the fun.

Anna and her friend Megan were so excited to both be Doc!

More friends!


Family Halloween Picture!

After fun at church, we headed home to trick-or-treat in our neighborhood and hand out candy. Here are the big kids with all their pumpkins.

They had so much fun trick-or-treating! They practically ran from house to house!

Eva perked up when we got back to our house, especially when she got to enjoy her first sucker!

Elephant tail!

Happy Halloween!