Saturday, January 26, 2008

One Month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made Dave take this picture of me today because exactly one month from today Anna will be here! Yea! We are so excited to meet our little girl! She's getting big as you can see by my belly! We had an ultrasound on Monday and she weighed 4 lb 3 oz! Growing girl!

Also, for all you Benjamin fans out's a picture of him! I've been on bed rest this week so I haven't taken any pictures. But here's one that Dave took a couple weeks ago. I was cleaning the window on our back door and Benjamin had to get a towel and help! He did a good job too! He's my helper!

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Doodlebops

Here's a cute picture of Dave and Benjamin from last week. Dave was attaching a hook to a picture frame and when Benjamin saw him with his hammer, Benjamin just had to run and get his hammer and help Daddy!

On Saturday we took Benjamin to Indianapolis to see the Doodlebops. They are one of his favorite shows and he lovingly refers to them as "Bops!" He was pretty excited that we were going to see them and said Bops about a hundred times Saturday afternoon.....but I don't think he really knew what was about to happen!

Here's a cheesy smile for you!

Here's how he looked most of the show. I kept telling Dave, you could see the wheels in his head turning. It seemed like he just couldn't quite figure out what was going on with all the kids and people and some of his favorite characters right in front of him. It was pretty funny! I think he really liked it though!

Every once in awhile he would point to the stage and get this little bitty grin and say every so quietly, "Bops!"

The concert was at the Murat Theatre in downtown Indy. We had never been before and I couldn't believe how pretty the theatre was. Here's a picture I snapped as we were leaving. The windows were really beautiful!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Night! Night!

Benjamin was really fussy yesterday, but it was after 5:00 so we were trying to get him to stay up but rest a little so he would be in a better mood. So Dave sat with him in the rocker while Benjamin ate some O's (aka Cheerios) and before I knew it, this is what I saw!

We had all the stuffed animals piled up by Benjamin toys and he started bringing them all out to us. Then he told us night night and pointed to his little pull-out sofa. He took them one by one and put them on the little couch bed and told them each night night. Then he got a blanket from me, covered them up, and climbed in next to them!

I got the camera out and told him he should go night night too, so he had to close his eyes. So he obliged! My little guy is getting so good at pretend! It makes him seem like such a big boy!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Anna Update

Just wanted to post that we had a doctor's appointment today. They did an ultrasound to see if the baby's the right weight to use my original due date to determine which day I'll be induced. She was 3 lb exactly which is within the normal range, so we went ahead and picked a date for me to be induced. So unless she decides to come early, Anna should be born on February 26th. We are pretty excited to have a date set and are really anticipating her arrival now!

She looked a lot bigger today and we were able to really see her face and we even saw her swallowing. They did a DVD again and I was going to try and post it on here, but when we got home the DVD was blank. Oh well! We have two DVDs of her from previous ultrasounds, I just thought this one was really cool. So anyways, only 54 days until her birthday! Yea!!!! Hope all of you are having as great a new year as we are!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin!!!!!

We had a wonderful birthday for Benjamin! I can't believe my little guy is 2!!! Time flies when you're having fun! Sorry it took a couple days to post pictures, but Benjamin's been sick. Unfortunately, he woke up the morning of his birthday sick and has been pretty miserable the past few days. We took him to the Dr. yesterday and he seems to be doing a little better with the medicines and we were all able to finally get some sleep!

The night before his birthday we made cupcakes together and he really enjoyed eating the leftover batter!

He spent twenty minutes or so standing here, eating his cake batter and yelling Happy Birthday! (Or at least his version of how to say it!) It was quite funny!

Some of the finished cupcakes!

Dave and I got Benjamin a fish for his birthday because he loves them so much and because he already has so many we are trying to not give him too much more! He was very pleased and seems to enjoy him. So meet our newest family member, Rex!

We had a Blue's Clues birthday party because Blue is Benjamin's favorite right now. Here are some of my home-made decorations (except the banner). The little hand prints are Benjamin's hand!

Benjamin took like a 4 hour nap and woke up to a house full of people. Since he was starting to feel bad, it was a little hard to get him to become his normal happy self! He eventually, woke up and had a bunch of fun though!

We were trying to get him to smile for pictures with his Blue hat and ears on. My sister was trying and she got in front of the camera, so I couldn't resist posting this silly picture of her!

Benjamin's best friend, Maddox, came to his party and they had fun playing balloons with their hats on! Benjamin didn't share very nice with Maddox like he usually does, but he was sick and it was his birthday, so hopefully Maddox will forgive him!

Jimmy and Shawna with their little Jack who got in the party spirit too!

Benjamin giving Maddox a hug, one of the few times he was nice to Maddox during his present opening!

Benjamin having fun on his first bike that Grandma Frankie and Grandpa Jim got him!

And playing golf with Grandpa with the clubs Grandpa Warren and Grandma Susan got him!

Blowing out his candles. He did really good at it and blew them out all by himself!!!!

Enjoying his birthday cupcake. He really doesn't like his fingers getting dirty, so he ate it very delicately and it took him quite awhile to eat only about half of it! My silly little boy!

Before they went home, we got a family picture with Dave's family. Jimmy, Shawna, and Jack stayed the night before heading home and Benjamin was very tickled to have Jack staying at his house. He said baby about a million times! Hopefully, he likes having his baby sister stay in his house just as much in a few months!