Thursday, May 31, 2012

Putt Putt Golf

This day we spent a fun morning on the beach again. There was a storm that came in right after we got back from the museum on Tuesday that changed the beach. It made about a two foot drop into the sand and brought in a lot of algae/sea weed. The water was choppier too. So Wednesday and Thursday were spent making sand villages/castles/tunnels into the sand wall and finding sea shells. When the storm created the sand wall it made finding shells a lot easier as the shells were now buried into the side of the wall. We all had a great time digging into the wall and collecting as many shells as we could find. When Dave and Benjamin were done with their swim lesson for the afternoon we decided to wake Anna and Collin up early from their naps so we could go play putt putt golf before some rain that was headed our way hit. Poor Anna was so out of it, her Daddy couldn't resist snapping a picture of his sleeping beauty.

I thought Collin looked pretty cute chilling after he got woken up. This kid really knows how to relax!

After they woke up, we drove to a fun putt putt course. It was a really awesome one!

There were caves, waterfalls, bridges, and even a volcano!

It was sweet watching Dave show Anna and Collin how to hold the club and hit the ball.

Bridge into a cave.....

Once in the cave we found another hole to play on!

Coming out of the volcano (which also had a hole to play).

This hole had a par 3 and the rest of us all scored at least that, except Anna who only took two strokes!

Benjamin only took two strokes on one of the holes too.

Much to Dave's frustration, I got 4 holes in one.

Me and my girl taking a little rest (it was hot!).

Benjamin celebrating a score of two again with the volcano in the background.

Dave took the littles (who were tired) back to the condo and started dinner and I got to go on an evening beach walk with this handsome guy!

Collin got a hold of one of Anna's beloved nightgowns and insisted I put it on. He was hilarious in it! He was so tickled with himself and ran around dancing and putting on a show for all of us!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Fabulous Birthday at the Beach

I had an amazing birthday with my family. We spent the morning playing at the beach and then went for a swim in the pool. After getting lunch and naps and we were all cleaned up we spent some time in town including eating at a yummy restaurant and some shopping. I had bought some coordinating outfits for the kids to have their picture taken on the beach, so we decided to do that today too. Here they are on the deck outside our condo before heading into town.

After dinner we walked on the beach and got more photos.

I'm a very blessed Momma!

The kids (and us) are getting so excited to meet the new baby!

Benjamin was sweet and took a picture of Dave and I. He did a really good job!

The boys.

After the beach we went to get some yummy ice cream (my choice for a birthday dessert). It was soooo good!

The ice cream shop was next to a restaurant that had live music. After our dessert we sat back and watched the kids enjoy the music. These kids can dance!

It was a fantastic birthday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Aviation Museum

We took a day off from the sun and went to Pensacola and visited their Aviation Museum. The kids loved it and Collin was in heaven!!!

Playing in the kiddie area.

Collin could have spent an hour in each airplane. HE LOVED IT!!!

There were airplanes and helicopters everywhere. It was a really awesome place!

They all got to enjoy this one at the same time.

Can you find Anna?

My sweet boys.

Check out their poses.

They actually got to spin this cannon around. It was pretty cool, but nerve racking for mom and dad.

We stopped and ate at their fun restaurant and Benjamin surprised us by eating his pickle. He's never eaten one before and is one of the pickiest eaters around, but is getting so brave here lately.

Our family!

The boys thought this camo helicopter was pretty cool. Aren't their big brother/little brother matching shirts adorable?


Benjamin and Anna running to tell me about getting to ride in a flight simulator with their Daddy. They were really impressed!

All three kids had a grand time in this one.

We had to make them get out. It was adorable watching them pretend and be in their own magical worlds.

This was another cool one.

We showed up just in time to go on this tour that they did for the kids to teach them about how airplanes can  fly. A lot of the content was way over Benjamin and Anna's heads (the other kids were at least a couple years older), but they did so well. They both payed attention the whole time and seemed to really enjoy it.

At the end of the tour they got to each fly a little airplane in this contraption, which was a big hit!

Posing with the Blue Angels.

The kids really love flags and were pretty excited to see this huge one.

They also got excited by the large propellers on display.

Everyone had a great time looking at and learning about the space exhibits. Here they are on the moon. : )

There was an actual a piece of the moon on display! Benjamin thought it was pretty neat that Dave and I hadn't even seen that before.

Benjamin loved this one with the painted face.

Our little tiger lover thought this was pretty cool and requested her picture be taken.

Dave wanted to get a picture with him and the kids under this airplane's wing, but Collin tried to tackle his siblings instead which started fits of laughter and made for no chance of a serious picture, but definitely a funny moment!

At the end of the day we loaded up on a trolley to go see the big airplanes they have outside.

We had a great day!