Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Eva Pictures

Anna lovingly looking after her little sister. She tells Eva everyday how cute she is.

Eva's first time doing tummy time. She already has pretty good head/neck strength and can hold her head up for several seconds.

Dave calls this her "hand dance" when she waves her arms all around.

Sweet sleeping baby.

Collin was really into this sleeper. He was so fascinated by the feet and how they looked like shoes. 

Eva's cord fell off over the weekend. Collin was right there when we were changing her diaper and discovered that it was off. He immediately picked it up and that really did Dave in! So we now have a belly button! Eva is getting a little better about being changed and doesn't cry out every time, but it still isn't her favorite.

I love the way Collin looks down at Eva.

Such a sweet little face.

I love how little newborns look in bouncy seats and swings.

Anna loves watching Olympic gymnastics. She knows the girls names and has been flipping and doing her own routines all week.

Even when he's not holding Eva, Collin is usually close by.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


What we are living right now can only be described as pure bliss. We are all soaking in the joy of our new baby girl and enjoying all this time with Dave home. Here they are enjoying the Olympics.

Eva holding her paci.

Sweet little baby feet!

The weather was a bit milder over the weekend so we got some fun outdoor time in. The kids were having so much fun that they even stayed out to eat lunch one day.

Anna looking so cute on her scooter.

Speedy but cautious Benjamin.

Collin kept pretending to be a robot with all his safety gear on.

Collin LOVES any Olympic event that involves water! Here he is pretending to do his super fast stroke.

He also climbs on the couch and asks, "Do you want to see me go under the water?" Then he jumps into the "water" while holding his breath. It's so cute! He is quite the character!

It's so fun having a summer baby finally. Eva gets to wear clothes that let me see her cute little hands and feet  and rub on her sweet arms and legs.

She's not a big fan of the flash of my camera. Hopefully, she'll get used to it!

Eva does the cutest sneeze. I didn't completely capture it here, but she makes little fists and as she sneezes puts them up to her cheeks.

It's been so fun getting to see her open her eyes more and more.

Eva still loves her paci (just like her big sister did).

Collin is so in love with his baby sister. He asks to hold her multiple times every day and almost always insists I take his picture with her. You can see the love all over his face when he's holding her.

I forgot to mention that Eva went back in for a quick check on Thursday (7/26) and weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and didn't look jaundiced anymore. Yay!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

VBS Concert

The week ended with a concert of all the songs the kids learned at VBS. Before going on the stage they all meet up in the gym which always leads to some wild and crazy times...

The kids were so excited to do their songs. Benjamin is in the back on the left and Anna and Collin are in the  front, right.

We were so impressed with how great Collin did. He wasn't scared at all and did all the songs!


This was their favorite part. At the end of a song they stick their tongues out and dance and sing which sounds hilarious.

Eva was so good and slept in her car seat for the entire show. It looks likes she's even smiling here.

Great job guys!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

This & That

Snuggles with my two little ones.

Bright eyes.

Collin was enjoying a hot fudge Sunday and drank the melted ice cream at the end. When he put the bowl down he had a uni-brow from the chocolate on the edge of the bowl. It was so funny and he had no idea why we were laughing.

I feel so blessed that God has given us Eva!

Benjamin and Anna pretending they are the VBS leaders teaching how to dance and sing.

Eva enjoying some alert time.

It was a little stormy which meant it was pretty overcast. I put Eva on her changing table and opened the curtains and she had the best time gazing outside.

She's starting to enjoy her swing more and more.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Afternoon nap with Daddy. He needs some extra sleep since he takes the kids to VBS every evening and hangs out with a bunch of 2, 3, and 4 year olds.

Benjamin was really wanting me to come, so Eva and I made it this evening. It was great watching everyone have so much fun!

Benjamin singing into the microphone.

It was great getting to be there, but I was very tired and sore by the time we got home.