Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Day......Finally!

I knitted Benjamin a hat and finally finished it last night. He was thrilled when he woke up and it was all done!!!

I also knitted another baby hat a while back for friends of ours' new little baby, Sariah! Isn't she cute????

It was a good day to have a new hat, b/c we had some outside snow playing to do! Every time it snows, Benjamin asks if it's enough to play in and unfortunately it hasn't been......until today!!!!

Anna was less than thrilled......

Benjamin was happy enough for the both of them though!

He and Milo had a little snowball fight!!!

Any guesses as to what I put her in to keep her off the snow???

Zoe had fun getting in on the action too!

By the way it is HARD to take care of a 3 year old and 11 month old by yourself in 4 inches of snow!!!!

Anna was happy to be back inside where it was warm and she didn't have to wear all the garb! :)

Waving hi!!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

One More Month!

Today is sweet Anna's 11 month birthday! That means its the last "month birthday" before she has the BIG 1 year old birthday! I've been so much better at her getting bigger than I was with Benjamin, mostly b/c I have enjoyed her personality growing and growing and growing so very much! However, I'm still pretty emotional about the whole 1st birthday thing! :( I'm sure I'll be tough though!
When I say Anna's personality is growing, that is no exaggeration. She is changing so very much! She loves to be chased. She starts crawling somewhere she's not supposed to, looks back at you, you say, "I'm gonna get you!" and she's off squealing with delight! She is saying so much, more than I can believe......Momma, hi, Dada or Daddeeeee, and the big one....she's been saying a two word sentence! Hi Dadadada! How amazing and cute is that?!?!?! She has become quite the sweet little kiss giver too! She continues to wave hi & bye, point at everything, shake her head no in the cutest way ever, and many other sweet things! We love her so much!!!! How could you not love a sweet baby that laughs like this????

It's a little more challenging to get her picture in the rocking chair now that she can climb all over it!

No surprise though, she still makes an amazing photograph!!!

Benjamin likes to hop in on the action too!

Dave and I are constantly telling each other how crazy sweet our babies are!
On Saturday, Benjamin and I went on an outing just the two of us! He got to spend his birthday money and picked out a Madagascar coloring book and Aristocats movie (also referred to as "The Kitty Movie")!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

PG-13 Rating

It's been awhile, so here we go...... :)

Benjamin got a homemade popsicle making mold thingy (I'm pretty sure that's the technical term) from Santa. So we mixed up our mashed berries and yogurt, got our freezing on, and then enjoyed some yummy popsicles!

Unfortunately for Anna, this is a common site in our house!

When you want Benjamin to smile for a picture you ask him to show you his shiny teeth to which he happily obliges and then asks to see the picture!

As I am a very kind wife, I allow my hubby to play around and have fun with my new camera and then reap the rewards!

Wrestle time!!!!

Where's Benjamin???

There he is!!!!!!!

Benjamin got this great jacket for Christmas. Isn't he just the handsomest thing you ever did see?

PG-13 warning....these pictures are graphic! :)

A lazy Sunday post-church nap is good for all!

My precious babe!

I'm gonna get you!

Anna is now waving hi and bye! It's really cute! She waves as soon as she hears someone say either hi or bye! Just like Benjamin did, she went straight to waving the right way....instead of waving to herself like most babies do. She's also now saying "a ooh" (peak-a-boo) and will mimic noises we make.....Benjamin will say, "ah!" and she repeats it back to him!

At any given moment, he is either the SWEETEST little guy ever or the WILDEST! :)

Shiny teeth! ;)

He LOVES his airplane and is actually playing with it as I type this sentence!

Anna loves to point and enjoys ET moments (where you point your finger and touch her pointed finger)!

Oh and I never told you what Benjamin was eating in an earlier post. As I'm sure you're all dying to finally know....it was a mini-ice cream cone! Mmmmmm!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Children's Museum

I've gotten into the bad habit of not posting for a while and then making you read these long posts with many, many pictures. Sorry! However, here are some pictures from the past week, including a trip we took to the Children's Museum yesterday.

Dave called me in from making dinner one night to see this....the kids playing back-to-back.

We have discovered a new love for Anna.....animal crackers. She LOVES them and is surprisingly able at eating them considering she has no teeth and all! So I was snapping away at her the other day as she feasted on them, playing around with my new camera and all!

Lately when I'm on the computer, Benjamin runs and gets his and plays next to me. The other day he came up and asked what I was doing. I told him I was writing an email and without saying a word, he went and dug out his computer from the toy box, sat next to me and started pushing the buttons and then declared, "Look Momma, mine do email too!"

We hadn't been to the Children's Museum in about a year and a half, so it was quite fun watching Benjamin and seeing how much fun he had now that he's three and all!

Anna had fun on her first trip too!

I think one of his favorite exhibits, was this one where he could shovel dirt. We gotta get this kid a job!

Lunch time!

With no bias, I can honestly say that my daughter is one of THE sweetest babies ever to crawl this earth. She is so well-natured and has never been a crier or one to get fussy for no reason. With that said, as she develops more of a personality....this shall we say, "stinker side" has begun to come about. She thinks being told no is not a punishment or correction of bad behavior, but instead a challenge. When you tell her no, she turns and looks at you, gets this stinker smile on her face and continues with the unwanted behavior (only faster) and then waits for you to chase her down......to which she rewards you with a satisfactory smile! I encourage you all to try and discipline that cute face! Anyway, while we were eating lunch she kept bending forward and putting her mouth on the highchair (ewww!). I would remove her mouth from the germy chair and tell her no (yes, sternly) to which she would smile her stinkerest smile and precede to do it again. Dave thought it was hilarious (and was no help) and decided to photograph the event......

Speaking of a stinker face, here's one for ya!

Benjamin looking for dinosaurs!

"Look, there a dinosaur Momma! And that dinosaur has tail! A reawy BIG tail!"

Showing his teeth next to some dino teeth!

Playing a dino game in a dino costume! He was really cute and came over while I was nursing Anna and shook his tail back and forth for me!

Train time!

Do I even need to introduce this one??? :)

More trains!

Fish! Benjamin went right up to the tank and pointed out "Nemo"!

Talking to the fish!

"Look, Momma.....a fish!"

I know I called her out on some of her more stinkeresque qualities, but Anna does continue to be the sweetest little girl. She continues to call for me, Momma, Momma, Mom-ma! over and over again. Her, "Hi!" greeting is about the sweetest thing as well! She has a little bit of a cold and while that of course saddens me....she has been very cuddly (she's usually too busy for that) and I have treasured it!
Hope you all had a great weekend too! Be blessed!