Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This and That

More pictures already. Impressed? You should be! :)

This was an overcast day, so the color of the pictures isn't great. But I thought the angle made for cute shots.

Collin now makes 'raspberry' noises with his mouth (in the mornings he does this as he's waking up, before he even opens his eyes), is a very loud talker, and is starting to babble a lot (mostly Iiiii-Iiiiii-Iiiiii and a few da and ma sounds).

The big kids are really into drawing and coloring these days.....

I knitted this hat for my cousin's baby shower that we went to this weekend and Dave said I should have Collin model it.....

I also made some itty bitty mittens too!

I was tickled when I looked over and Collin was chewing on the monkey toy that matches this sleeper.....

Collin rarely stays on this mat or his blanket for long. He is really rolling all over the place now and can get pretty far.

The many faces of Anna:

Even laying in the shade inside this little baby mat we have that has an extra shade cover, Collin still squints when outside.....

As always, this is where Benjamin is when we're in the back yard (digging in the dirt where the old owners' play set was). We're hoping to turn this into a garden and have the kids help us grow some veggies and herbs.

We went to my parents' house this past weekend for my cousin's baby shower and my niece, Katrina's birthday. The weather was pretty nice, so the kids had fun playing outside with Aunt Katie and Daddy.

Pull, Benjamin!!!!

Cousin love!

I wasn't here for this, but Anna's face really tickled me when I loaded these pictures.

Katrina playing with the grocery cart we got her for her birthday....

She gave me such a laugh watching her play around in this apron and hat set she got.

Cake time!!!

She picked up the whole scoop of ice cream from her plate and ate it like this!

Collin hanging out with my Aunt Diana, who's about to become a grandma!!! :) I love his expression as he's watching the chaos unfold!

Some fun Anna/Collin things to share:
-Anna always coos "do-be-do-be-do-be-do" to him for some reason
-She lets him grab her face and slobber all over her and she just laughs and squeals and declares, "Oh, he's eating me!"
-Her newest delight is to come over and distract him while he's nursing and tells him, "Oh, hi Collin!" and then lightly pushes his cheek to try and get him to turn back towards me and instructs him, "Go back to eating!" (She'll do this 5+ times in one nursing sitting!)
-I just caught her lifting her shirt and putting her baby doll against her belly like she was feeding it. When I asked her if she was nursing her baby like Momma, she just got a huge proud smile on her face!

Monday, March 22, 2010


I thought this was so cute how Collin fell asleep holding onto Dave's shirt.

Dave and I have been tickled by how cute Collin is in this sweater. Since I figured (hope) it will be too warm for him to wear it anymore, I took a bunch of pictures of him in it the other day.

He's such a sweet pea!

Playing with Big Sister.....

Staring at one of his new loves, our cat Pepper. Can you see the fascination in his eyes? He loves watching her, Benjamin always did as a baby too.

Belly button!

He's a very happy boy!

This was such a sweet moment. I was sad when I loaded the pictures and saw that since Anna was turning to look at me, her eye looks funny. But they were being so sweet and loving with one another here!
This is Benjamin's new Toy Story couch and he sits on Buzz and tells Anna to sit next to him on Woody like this.

Anna being silly with me!

Collin is such a precious babe!

I found these crosses for the kids to paint for Easter. They did a pretty good job.

His eyes are so gorgeous!

Randomly the cute boy below told me: Guess what Momma? Plants need water, sun, and soil.
Me: That's right Benjamin. How'd you know that?
Benjamin: It's just some garden stuff.
Me: Who taught you that?
Benjamin: Nobody.
Me: But, how'd you know that?
Benjamin: I've just been thinking it.

One brother lovingly looking at another....

One more sweater shot....

I asked Anna to smile for a picture. Instead, she ran away and did this.....

She was pretty tickled with herself!

I finally caught her though! And she is looking so much older to me all of a sudden. Her hair is really growing and starting to shape her face so pretty!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soul Replenishing

The weather has finally taken a turn for spring and we couldn't be more happier around here. Between the cold weather and illnesses, we've had our share of cabin fever. Although cabin fever is much more enjoyable in our new home. Nevertheless, we have had fun exploring our new neighborhood and allowing the fresh air and warmth of sunshine to replenish our souls.

This day we went out, it was a little sprinkly. But we didn't let that hold us back from the fresh air. Collin actually preferred this time being outside b/c the sunshine didn't bother his eyes like the other days we've been out.

Golf anyone?

Happy baby! Don't let him deceive you though....he only stays happy in the stroller for very short periods of time. Must be a boy thing, Benjamin was the SAME way. It's a lot more problematic this go 'round though b/c I have two other little bodies I have to keep alive while out and about.

See all these little lives I'm responsible for? It's not too hard within our walls. But when out it can be quite overwhelming. I joke with Dave, that the stress of taking all three places is saving him a lot of money. :)

Our new home we are blessed with....

He got fussy, so we try a different position which usually buys me a little bit of time with this sweet, happy face.

Benjamin is really happy to be at the new house. When I ask him which house he likes better, he always says the new one either b/c it is prettier or b/c there is more room for their toys.

Anna loves it here too!

I went a little overboard with bundling Collin up at first. He hasn't been outside much, so I still worry about him getting chilly. I love having a big porch to sit with Collin on, especially when it's sprinkling outside.

I thought their determination here was really cute....

"I figured out how to reach it, Momma!"

I was nursing Collin when Anna brought me this book to read. She got upset when I said I couldn't right now, so I suggested she ask Benjamin to read it with her. Without hesitation, he climbed up into the rocking chair with her and went over all the pages and explaining what they found to her. It was ridiculously precious....to me anyways. :)

Another afternoon outside: I was so tickled how even though we were in the shade, Collin still wouldn't really look up much b/c his baby eyes are still adjusting to the brightness of the sun. Plus, he was having fun discovering feet.....

and grass. He kept 'raking' his fingers through the grass. He's doing that with a lot of things right now. I love watching them discover new things!
Life has turned full circle and I'm experiencing quite a lot of de ja vu around here: Anna in Collin's face just as Benjamin did (er, does) with Anna.

"Big Trouble In a Little Shirt" + a big stick = yikes!

Not really though, he's too sweet to be too scary!

I would coo and talk to Collin and he would smile as he is here, but he wouldn't look up at me. :)

But then he took notice of his Big Brother and Sister playing and he would look over at them!

Little girl with a little stick. Whenever possible, Benjamin finds the biggest stick he can for himself and then a smaller more acceptable size for his little sister. He always proudly announces this to me too and explains how he wants her to be safe for me.

Don't tell Dave, but her discovering of the dirt did involve a taste. After which she bluntly told me, "Don't eat it. It's yucky."

With much frustration, I type this sentence: Disease has entered our house again. Benjamin started being sick again on Thursday. The doctor was right when they said they'd have to fight everything more after having RSV. It seems as though he just has a regular virus, but he has had a horrible cough, trouble breathing, and is wheezy. He's (thus we've) really been struggling to sleep with this bout as well. The poor guy is just as frustrated by being sick again as we are. He kept crying and asking me why he was sick again already and why he had to be coughing again so much. This how all of Friday and Saturday were spent, laying propped up on the ground watching movies....

Monkey See, Monkey Do:

Even Zoe is taking advantage of Benjamin's illness, this is how I found her after putting him to bed.....

My little monkey is five months old now (on Friday)! He has the happiest spirit!

He has decided to celebrate this month milestone by developing a big case of the Momma's! His face becomes so pitiful when he sees me leave the room (even when being held by Daddy) and will cry so hard and then stop once I come back. Apparently, he was listening all those months in my belly when I instructed him that he had to love me best since I was experiencing Anna being such a Daddy's girl at the time. I will admit, it feels good to be loved so much! And who wouldn't want to be loved by this sweet baby boy?!?!

This outfit (which I hope he will wear for his baptism, but decided to go ahead and have him wear as I'm not sure he'll fit in it next month since he continues to grow so fast!) came with a hat and it tickled me to have him wear it. What did Dave think you may find yourself wondering? That Collin looked like a chemo patient. I had just finished taking these pictures when Dave came home from work, so Collin still had the hat on and that was the first thing Dave said to me.

Exploring his bear. He has a giraffe that is about this size that he plays with and it is a trip to watch. When he's on his back (like that lasts long) I put the giraffe on his belly and he plays with it like he's wrestling it.

Some of the expressions he was making exploring the bear (like this one) really reminded me of his big brother.....

Feet are a lot of fun to explore too!

Thankfully, Benjamin seems to be feeling better today (Sunday) and so far Collin and Anna don't seem to have caught it. Anna just finished an antibiotic Thursday and Collin on Saturday and they both literally didn't feel better until that last day of medicine, so I really hope they don't catch this bug! *Fingers Crossed!*
In one of the pictures above, Benjamin is wearing one of his "Big Brother" shirts. I told him what it said when I caught him examining the letters that day. His reply, "I know it says that, Momma. It's a lot of work being the Big Brother. I have to be the big brother to Anna and Collin. Aren't you happy I work so hard as their big brother so I'm nice to them and make them happy?"
Anna continues to amaze me with her quick learning. While reading a book to her, I was asking her what letters were and she knew about two third of the ones I asked!