Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Soccer '12

Benjamin's third season playing soccer is off to a great start. The kids on his team are really awesome kids and Benjamin is having a blast! He has improved so much and is doing a fantastic job!

Check out that tough face!

Go get it!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Collin's Hats

We went to Target and picked out our swimsuits and sandals for the summer. Anna found an adorable sun hat which lead to many tears from Collin. I insisted that he could not get a pink Hello Kitty hat like his sister which lead to more tears. After I got him to understand that he could go pick out a hat that was for little boys, he eventually agreed and picked out this one. He keeps it in his car seat and loves to accessorize in the car. We thought he was so cute when we looked back one day and saw him in his hat with a big container of food. He continually eats, so he never finishes his meals and we end up feeding him during what seems like all of his waking hours!

He has gotten so tall, so I've had to get out Benjamin's old 3T clothes for him to start wearing. When we came across this Colts jacket, Collin immediately fell in love. He doesn't know a thing about the Colts, but he recognizes that it's a football jacket and it has a hood and that is all he needs to have joy! He wears it all the you can see he wears it during meals, during play, outside, etc. etc. One day he even insisted on this as his shirt and brought smiles to my face all day as he ran around in shorts and his jacket.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Katrina's Birthday

We had fun time visiting with my parents and sister for Katrina's birthday. The kids LOVE getting together! Here is Collin trying out (and loving!) a toy that Katrina got. He is such a wild monkey!

The girls!

They love each other so very much!

Her party was at Chuck E Cheese. The kids all had a great time, especially dancing in front of the camera.

Collin enjoyed the birthday show they did for Katrina.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

Benjamin was excited for the chance to get his picture with Chuck.

The birthday kid gets to go in here and collect as many tickets as they whir around them. Everyone loved watching!

After the birthday festivities, our boys couldn't resist busting a few more moves....

Benjamin is really getting into all the games. He especially loved this racing one.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Art Museum

I am very far behind on here (over a month!). So hopefully I'll be adding quite a few posts in the next several days to catch up. Anyway, at the beginning of March we took the kids to the art museum for the first time. I was surprised by how much they were able to enjoy it at their young age. Here are a few pictures that I got before one of the staff members came over and told me I wasn't allowed to. Oops! (She was super nice and  when I went to delete them, she said not to worry about it.)

This picture isn't much, but it lets me tell a funny story. We were going down the escalator and as you can see, I was responsible for Collin (who is throwing one of his now daily fits) and Dave had the other two. I got down the escalator and looked back to see that Dave was holding Anna but Benjamin had gotten nervous about getting on and hadn't done so when Dave and Anna did. So poor Dave was trying so hard (while holding Anna) to walk back up the escalator as it keeps bringing him down so that he can get to Benjamin and hold his hand to get him on. Like I assume any wife would do, my response was to laugh until I cried! Once Dave made it with Benjamin his only response to me laughing at him was to take my picture, but I didn't care....I was still enjoying the show I'd just witnessed! : )

The museum brings in elementary art teachers to do art with the kids visiting on certain days. Our kiddos loved it!

The project for the day was to make paper sculptures. Benjamin worked really hard and did awesome on his! (It's hard to make out, but he used different papers and strings to make a bridge with fish and waves underneath and a car on top)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

4 & 6 Year Old Portraits

Our kids did an awesome job getting new pictures!

I don't think we've had a picture of Dave and I taken since before we became parents!

They are getting so tall!

Since we were mostly getting Anna and Benjamin's portraits, Collin would get SO excited when it was his turn to participate!

Anna loved getting to change clothes for the different pictures. She thought this layout was pretty cool too.

I love this one of her. You can see her dimple and this sweet little smile just reminds me so much of her!

The boys!

Collin got to sneak in every once in awhile. Isn't he adorable???

So crazy that Anna is four now! She went to the doctor recently and is completely healthy! She weighed 38 pounds (75th percentile) and was 44 inches long (which is crazy tall for her age, she used to be about the 50th percentile for height the first two years of her life and now is way off the growth chart!).

Benjamin did a great job with his pictures! He has such a sweet smile and personality!! He loves this one with the #6 block.

I think he looks pretty stinkin' handsome here too! He went for his checkup recently too and is also doing great! He weighed 46 pounds (50th percentile) and was 47 inches tall (between 50-75th percentile). They were really impressed with how consistent he is with his growth as his chart is a straight line and they said that's wonderful! We're very proud of our 6 year old!