Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Month Old!!!!

It's hard to believe, but on Wednesday Anna turned one month old! That was a quick month.....but a wonderful one!!!! Here's a picture on her one month birthday with her bear!

I had fun taking pictures of her the other day in this outfit. It was one of Benjamin's and I was tickled to put her in it! I'm anxious to see how much they look like each other as time goes on! Here's a picture of us with Benjamin when he was about a month old. Do you think they look alike?

Anna making a funny face!

And here's my beautiful, but shaggy son!

Or should I say shaggy and silly! He always makes these silly smiles when we ask him to smile for a picture now! Hopefully, I can get him in to get his hair cut this week!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!!!! I hope everyone has had as wonderful a weekend as we have. Its a wonderful time to celebrate the gift God gave us all...Jesus and the miracle that He is risen!!!!! God bless!

Dave was sweet and took care of Anna for an hour so I could take Benjamin to our church's Easter egg hunt yesterday morning. Benjamin did really well this year and had a lot of fun! It was really cold (high 30's and raining) so there wasn't nearly as many people this time. So Benjamin got all the eggs he wanted. It was funny though, because at first he would only pick up purple eggs!!!!!

Later that day we colored eggs for the first time! Benjamin did really well and would say, "WOW!!!" every time we took an egg out of the dye! He enjoyed putting stickers on them too! Afterwards we made egg brownies (brownies shaped like eggs). We had so much fun getting to do all the fun Easter activities this year. Last year he was soooooo sick with Rotavirus. So we have really enjoyed having a well Easter this year! :)

Benjamin woke up to an Easter basket this morning which he really enjoyed. He got candy, a Car sucker, sidewalk chalk (which we didn't get to play with today because it snowed!!!!), a chocolate bunny, and 101 Dalmatians. We had to watch the Dalmatian movie right away. He was really excited because we've been reading the book a lot and he LOVES to say BAD! BAD! whenever he sees Cruella Deville! This is him discovering the chocolate inside the eggs!

Mmmmmmm! I can't even tell you how many pieces of chocolate he's talked me into letting him have today! Oh, well! After his nap we had an Easter egg hunt in our living room and I made the mistake of not taking the chocolates out before hiding the eggs. He did not miss this mistake of mine! He would empty out each egg before finding more and ask for more chocolates! :)

He was really excited about his chocolate bunny! He just wanted to hold it, I had a hard time talking him into taking a bite!

Here's Anna in her Easter dress! She and I didn't get to go to church this morning, but we still put her in the dress! I thought she'd be fitting into 0-3 month clothes for Easter since she's almost a month old and that's when Benjamin did. But she's still in newborn clothes and the dress is way too big for her because she's still so little! I took her to the doctor on Thursday and she was 7 lb 11 oz, so she's not even to Benjamin's birth weight yet (he was 8 lb)! She still looked really cute though!

She definitely needs the sweater and hat! It's so cold for the end of March!

And the tights and shoes I got are way too big, so this is how she is spending the day....all swaddled up! She really likes being swaddled. Our little burrito!!! :)

And we tried hard to get a family picture, we only have one of the four of us from the hospital right after Anna was born. It didn't work too well, this was the best we got! Benjamin all of a sudden wanted me to hold him and so Dave handed him to me right as the timer was about to go off and so I ended up holding both kids and I just noticed that Benjamin is showing off his belly! Both kids were getting fussy and poor Anna was probably cold, so we gave up. Oh well, we'll try again! Happy Easter again to all! I hope you were all able to enjoy the love Jesus has for us and the miracle of this day and celebrate it with your loved ones!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Beautiful Eyes

I got a bunch of cute pictures of Anna with her eyes open and without the red eye. She's such a cutie!

Here she is doing some tummy time. For the past week when we put her on her stomach she has been able to roll onto her back! We can't believe she can do it so soon! Benjamin had a hard time ever rolling over with, so we are pretty impressed that she was able to roll from her stomach at just two weeks!

This picture really looks a lot like her to me. She has such a unique and cute shape to her face and eyes!

And I think this is the sweetest picture of her eyes open we have yet! She's really starting to be awake more times of the day and for longer periods. I'm so excited to get to know her more each and every day! Benjamin really likes her being awake more too and is loving her and showing her more attention!

Monday, March 17, 2008

New Things...Strollers and Slings

Cuddle time! She likes looking at the lights and ceiling fan just like Benjamin did!

Dave found an old pair of my sunglasses in his car and Benjamin has been playing with them. Dave says he looks like Paris Hilton in them and even got him to say "that's hot!" It was pretty funny!

We had a really warm day one day last week and so we took Anna on her first walk! We got this cool double stroller that works with our car seat. Benjamin really liked it! Isn't he cute in his hat and sunglasses???

This is what Dave came home to today. I wanted to make lasagna, which is something Benjamin likes to make with me and Anna was awake. So I put her in the sling for the first time and she settled right to sleep. It worked really well. I was skeptical of them with Benjamin but decided to try it this time around. Anyways, we had fun and Benjamin did a great job helping me and we were able to get supper made before Dave got home!

This is why I got the sling.....for moments like this when I am holding Anna and Benjamin wants to be carried too! It works really well and saves my arms and back from having to walk around with two kids on my arms!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Benjamin/Anna Cuteness

Benjamin's really starting to warm up to Anna. He especially seems to like to love on her when she's awake. He will excitedly announce "Anna's eyes open!" Here are some recent cuddles!

Anna's cord fell off on Saturday, so now I can take cute naked baby pictures!!!!

Other exciting news: my sister had her baby on Monday. Her name is Kayla and we are so excited to have her in our family!!!!!!! Congrats Katie!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Benjamin and Anna

Benjamin finally held Anna! He's always told me no and that he wants me or Dave to hold her when I've asked him to hold her before. But today he just wrapped his arms around her and even smiled for a picture! Of course right after the picture he told me he was done and he wanted her off! :) Oh well, its a start!

We put Anna in her car seat while we ate dinner tonight and afterwards Benjamin went over and started rocking her. He was really proud of himself afterwards! He's such an awesome big brother!!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lots of Snow!

Here's a cute picture of Benjamin and Anna......

I made brownies last night and Benjamin thoroughly enjoyed cleaning the bowl for me!!!

It snowed for about a day and a half straight, so we took Benjamin out to play in it this afternoon!

Anna got her first swing ride, so that.........

I could go out and play in the snow for a little bit too! (With me looking in the front door a lot to make sure she's ok! It's so different now that there's two to keep track of!)

That's quite a snowball Benjamin's throwing! They were disappointed that they couldn't build a snow man because the snow was too light and wouldn't stick together.

They still had a fun time though!

Here's Anna all snuggled up after her bath tonight!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Benjamin/Dave Silliness

You can tell by this expression that some silliness is about to take place!

Benjamin and Dave were playing and Benjamin accidentally got Dave in the eye with a brochure. Poor Dave, his eye really hurt!

Benjamin tried to help make it better, but I'm not sure he helped much!

But soon they were back to all smiles! Aren't my two boys cute?!?!

And here's my sweet little girl! We took her back to the Dr./hospital and she has gained two ounces since Monday and is now 6 lb 10 oz. We took her to the hospital and she got more blood drawn and her bili is coming down, but slowly. So we have to continue to use the light blanket! :( But we're happy she's getting better, even if slowly!

Anna has started smiling as she falls asleep. It's really cute and I was so surprised that I was able to catch one of the smiles a few minutes ago!!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Enjoying our new family of four!

Benjamin likes sitting in Anna's bouncer seat and car seat! He fits better than she does!!!

So little! We took her to the doctor on Monday and she weighed 6 lb 8 oz. We go back again tomorrow, hopefully she has gained some more!

Loving her daddy!

I love this picture of her!

Me and my two babies! Benjamin has grapes in the bowl and he would eat one, then feed me one. It was pretty sweet!

The three cousins!

Staring at my sweet little girl!

So precious!

Benjamin's tent! He loves it! We spent probably close to 20 minutes in it yesterday morning. He was so cute and was counting with me. He counts all the way up to ten with you and a lot of the times he says the number before you do, so I think he's getting close to being able to count on his own!!!!!

Unfortunately, Anna is jaundiced now and has to keep getting her blood drawn to check her bili levels. It was pretty high yesterday and so we started her on a blanket that has a light in it that breaks down the bilirubin. She had her blood taken again today and it is starting to go down. Hopefully, this will continue and she will get rid of all that excess bilirubin, get rid of the yellow coloring of her skin, and start being awake and alert more and we won't have to keep her on that yucky light anymore! Poor little girl!!!

Passed out after getting her blood drawn this morning. Benjamin used to sleep like this when he was a little baby, with his arms up too!