Friday, January 31, 2014

Princess Ball 2014

Dave's princess was super beautiful for their annual daddy/daughter date to the Princess Ball. Anna was excited to get to wear her dress from the wedding again.

They are a very sweet pair!

Eva is OBSESSED with babies! This picture is from my phone and thus blurry as she doesn't hold still very long these days. But she had her arms full of five or six baby dolls here!

She's a super good cuddler! It should also be noted here with this picture of her cute boots, that she loves shoes! She puts her's and her siblings on everyday to play in the house with.

Eva is pretty much ruining any chance of time outs being effective these days for Collin. She ALWAYS joins him and tries to make him smile!

Trying on the hat I knitted her.

Benjamin went on a cruise for a week with his grandparents and we missed him so much! We surprised him at the airport with signs and hugs.

 Collin came in one morning dressed for an adventure. He had his boots that are too big for him right now but that he loves and wants to wear everyday, a "walking stick', his jacket, backpack, and his great grandpa (and namesake's) hat. He makes me smile!

These two both love shoes (as noted by previous pictures in this post). Collin has been so envious of Anna's cowgirl boots for awhile so Grandma got him his own pair for Christmas. He wore them all day everyday for like a week straight except when he was sleeping. I couldn't help but crack up when I walked into the kitchen and found my two shoe-loving kiddos each wearing one of Collin's new boots.

Another love of Eva's is my phone. She loves to look at pictures on it and call Dada. She also thinks I need to have it with me at all times. If I leave it anywhere, she comes and finds me and calls out "Momma!" to give it back to me. She does this with remotes and Benjamin's iPod too. She gives them to whoever is closest the second she sees them sitting around. She may be quiet (still not talking much) but she's busy and very adorable, if I do say so.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Benjamin's Birthday Party & Busy Eva

Eva is a curious, busy girl. We often find her with a mess like this. The cat food behind her no longer resides there as she would move each piece into the water dish every chance she got.

Benjamin hosted four friends and a cousin for a fun sleepover party.


Benjamin requested a peanut butter cup ice cream cake, so that's what we had!

Ahh! This is so chocolately delicious!

Eva has so loved watching the snow this winter and she's had lots of opportunities to watch! She's slowly learning more words although she doesn't use them very often. Here are the ones she says at least sometimes:  Momma, Dada, Nana=Anna, keykey=kitty, eye, nigh nigh=night night, hi, ello=hello, bye bye, oof oof=dog, baby, no, ew, uh-oh, owie, ba=ball, peez=please, unry=hungry, eat, nack=snack, pup=cup and she says no for snow. She looks out our back door and sweetly tells us no when she sees it and asks no? when we don't. She doesn't really like going out in the cold (especially since its been very cold) so we've had fun bringing in a little bit for Collin and her to enjoy.

The snow activity wasn't enough to curb her curiosity that to the spices she went.

Anna is loving kindergarten! She is learning so much and so easily. She feels so proud of her new skills in spelling and reading!