Saturday, September 28, 2013

K+M Wedding 9-7-13

My sister got married and it was a beautiful day! Getting ready with Katrina, both looking beautiful!

Here comes Collin down the aisle...

....and Anna....

....and Benjamin!

Benjamin and Collin with their new uncle!

I love when the groom sees his bride!

Pretty girls!

After the beginning of the service, all the kids came and sat and they did so good! Aren't they adorable?!

Eva loved the wedding!

Benjamin was the ringbearer and did a great job!

It was a bit of a walk to and from the ceremony site. The cousins were super cute walking together....

....Benjamin joins in.....

....and eventually Collin did too!

Posing on the bridge.

Katrina was smart and caught a ride with Great Grandma.


Our family all dressed up in our wedding clothes.


Grandpa and some silly girls.

Anna and Katrina love each other so much.

I love my Anna too!

The new husband and wife!

So happy! Congratulations!!

Eva sharing kisses with Great Grandma.

Beautiful blue eyes!

Momma gets some Eva love too!

It was a wonderful day!

Friday, September 27, 2013

August & September Catch-Up

We went to the Kentucky State Fair (for the kids' first time!) with Grandma and Grandpa and had so much fun. They loved trying out hula hoops.

Airplane love!

These little ducks would climb up, reach for some food from that basket above them, and then fall down the slide.

Benjamin sat and watched them for so long, he laughed and laughed and laughed!

Trying their hands at milking.

A helicopter!

Silly pilot Collin

Police Woman Anna

Pilot Benjamin

Eva enjoyed taking in all the sights.

Watching the crazy BMX riders.

Collin has been writing his name for awhile now but really surprised us by how small and perfect he wrote it here! (see close-up below)

Cousin Jack had a super fun Star Wars birthday party!

This was a pretty fun battle to watch!

All bundled up at an early (cold) soccer game.

Anna all dressed and ready for the father/daughter "Cowgirl Dance" as she called it that our church had.

They were an adorable pair!

Trying to lasso and loving it!

I boxed up Eva's 12 month summer clothes and she had the best time climbing all over the tote!

Eva loves her "Nana"! The words she knew at this point in order are: 1)uh-oh 2)Momma 3)Whoa 4)Dada 5)Nana (Anna). She had Anna hold her hands everyday to help her walk around the room and would fuss if Anna stopped. They sit in the rocking chair and rock together (Eva will point to her spot to sit until Anna joins her) and Anna loves carrying Eva around. Here they are dancing together!

Anna ran her first race and was so excited all day she almost lost her mind! She was so happy when it was finally race time!

Her age group all lined up to start (she is in pink shorts in the front about 2/3 of the way over).

They're off!

She is REALLY fast!

She definitely has athlete legs!

So we had a bad parent moment here. We didn't do a good job preparing her for running the race. See her crying as she approaches the finish? Yea, so she ran as absolutely hard as she could until her sides hurt and she started crying. Through tears, she told us "I was in the front for awhile but the boys caught up to me because it hurt to run so fast so long." So we had a talk about not having to run until we hurt ourselves and will do some training before the next one!

Soon she was in great spirits though and loved her medal!