Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pretty Pictures

I've been itching to take some artsy pictures of the kids and edit them. I was really pleased with what I got today. They are so adorable, so it's hard not to get cute pictures! :) *This blog blurs some of the pictures for some reason (I'm not very computer-savvy).

Sweet Anna

Her tongue makes into a lot more pictures than one would think.

Here's almost Birthday Boy Benjamin.

He's a silly one, I tell you!

Peaceful Collin (which is impressive in our house)

Big Yawn....this picture makes me sleepy (or maybe I'm just always sleepy and this picture just reminds me of that fact).

My three loves, who thankfully love each other so very much.

The older kids were napping and I nursed Collin and put him to sleep. I was revelling in the fact that I was about to have some me time in the midde of the day, when Collin woke back up. At first there was disappointment. But then I had to put him on my bed to change my shirt that he had spit up on (this was the second time this was required, btw). He started smiling, laughing, and talking to me. After enjoying this special alone time with a happy baby, I grabbed the camera, gave Collin some tummy time, and was rewarded with some amazing pictures!

I just love his hair!

And his eyes!

He's just an absolute joy and blessing!

I neglected to tell his stats from his 2 month appointment he had last week. He was 25 3/4 inches tall and weighed 13 lbs 13 oz. and his head was 41 cm. His head circumferance was 75th percentile, weight was 90th percentile, and his length was significantly OFF the growth chart which they just say is >95th percentile. They said he pretty much measures as a 4 month old! So much for staying small! Everything checked out with the doctor and we are so thankful God has blessed us with a third healthy baby!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


FYI, long time no post = lots of pictures.

Collin is so smiley these days! I had a lot of fun taking pictures of him in one of my favorite outfits. I think I'm going to put them together into a big collage print and put it in his someday nursery. First off, I thought this was cute how his hands were while sleeping.....

Benjamin had a Christmas show at his preschool this past week. He was really cute the whole time, but didn't really do much singing. Oh, well!

This is his teacher, Ms. King. She's really great!

My spunky girl! She picked out this outfit and kept calling her tutu a toto.

Everyone's happy when Daddy's home!!

It's so cute when Collin smiles at Anna and Benjamin. It makes Benjamin so happy!

Mike and Kathy were nice enough to visit and bring pizza last night on their way home from school. The kids are big fans of Uncle Mike! I should probably mention that my child that's not present in this photo is responsible for the wet spot on Mike's shoulder.....oops!

Mike was sweet and offered to take some pictures of us as a family, since we don't have very many. They turned out pretty good!

Collin has spent a lot of his awake time today checking out his hand. He seems very interested in it! :)

We took Collin to get his 2 month pictures taken today. He was a good little smiler as always!

Even though he's not smiling in this one, I still like it best.....it's so Collin. Don't you just LOVE his hair? I do!!!

I was really shocked that we were able to get such a good family picture with everyone looking and the big kids smiling! It only took two shots to get it too!

We are a very blessed family!!!
Benjamin really blessed me last night when he said, "It's okay if I'm good and Santa brings me presents, it's still Jesus' party!" :)
Oh, and one final little BIG thing........WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Two Month Olds Are Great!

Collin turned 2 months yesterday. He celebrated the milestone by having an explosion of personality and filling his waking hours with smiles and coos. It is such a joy to have him interact with us!

My OB office invites patients who have had a baby that year to a get together with cookies and Santa. It's a great way to take the kids to see Santa without having to wait in line at the mall or pay for the pictures. With that said, my kids aren't big Santa lovers. This was the only picture we got with Benjamin smiling. He looked very untrusting in the rest!

Anna very honestly replied with a no when asked if she wanted to sit with Santa, she was more than happy to stay with her Daddy.
I wasn't planning on getting Collin's picture with Santa, but the girl from the office that was taking pictures wanted me to. Collin didn't mind at all sitting with Santa (this year anyway)!

I thought this was a neat picture to get. Dr. Albers on the left delivered Anna and Dr. Davis on the right delivered Collin.

Group shot!

Believe it or not, this is the first family picture we've gotten since we were in the hospital with Collin!

And here are Collin's two month pictures with his bear!

He has his 2 month check-up tomorrow. I'm excited to see how long he is, but sad he'll have to get shots! :(