Sunday, June 30, 2013

This & That

We were cooped up in the house for a couple of days and the kids were in Eva's space far too much. So when Daddy came home we went for a photoshoot walk to get some time away while the crazies had a long bath. Here's our beautiful baby!

When we got back in I was changing her for bedtime and as usual she crawled away before I was finished (too much to do to stay still!). She was so funny because she discovered that it makes a noise when she pats her belly and so she did it over and over again and smiled and laughed!

Happy little eater!

Benjamin and Anna did a drama camp. So each day that week they went and had fun learning songs and doing crafts and exploring the high school theater. Collin and I had great fun during this time and went on "dates" each time and did lots of park time, bike riding, breakfast dates at Panera, shopping together, and had some library time. It was a really fun week. On the last day they put on the show they had been working on, "Schoolhouse Rocks." It was disappointing how little they let their age group participate in the show, but they had fun. Here's Benjamin during their circulation song.

Anna is second from the end during the mining song that they made gold from a treasure hunt for.

Our little actors after their first performance.

It may be hard to see, but Dave is asleep with his head just leaning on his hand (not on the pillow at all) and his cell phone is alarming to try and wake him with no success. The poor guy DOES NOT get enough rest!

Raspberry beard! Eva is our little berry lover!

Peek-a-boo! Someone discovered the cabinets!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Friends, Baby Kitties, & an 11 Month Old!

Collin made a "T" cake for his beloved Tierney's birthday. He was so excited to bring it to her! He actually made the cake too, I handed him the ingredients and he put everything in and was in charge of decorating.

We had never been to their house before and there was an awesome surprise for kitties! They foster kittens until they are big enough to be spayed/neutered and adopted. So these little guys were like a pound each. They were ADORABLE!!!

Eva really enjoyed them. She pointed and smiled and reached for them and she's been trying to say the k sound for kitty with Pepper for a few weeks now and did it with them too. It was beyond precious!

We also got a new (BIG) kiddie pool for our growing bunch. It's a big hit and we've been having a grand time in our back yard!

Eva has decided that she very much likes to hug Collin. I don't know where it came from, but she will reach out for him and grab him and hug and pat his back with a big smile on her face. If he pulls back, she will grab him and pull him in again and again. It is really sweet and Collin LOVES it!

The first time it happened we were in the car waiting to pick Benjamin and Anna up from drama camp (more on that in another post). He took his seat belt off and was over by Eva. I thought he was kind of smothering her and told him he needed to stop and that's when he told me that she had a hold of him. It was so adorable to look back and have your baby grabbing a hold of big Collin and and Collin squealing with joy and saying "She's loving me, she just keeps loving me."

Eva and Daddy

Somehow Eva is now 11 months old! Just one short month until the big birthday. (tear!)

It was good that I did her pictures early, because after this her nose and eye went from running a little bit to a lot and her eye swelled almost shut and she kept grabbing it in pain and would cry as she held her little palm to it. It was so pitiful! Benjamin even noticed and told me, "I feel bad for Eva. I wish I could be sick for her."

Thankfully, we got some smiles in.

She also loves hugging her stuffed animals. I love this picture!

The photo shoot is over when the climbing begins....

11 month-old Evie-Bee is full of life and so much fun. She is pointing, clapping, waving bye/hi/night night, climbing on everything, pulls up to standing but doesn't really cruise yet, crawls everywhere and loves to be chased and will stop and look back to make sure you are and then takes off with a huge smile, now crawls up stairs, loves to shake her head no, no and will do it sometimes when you ask her to, gives kisses but will sometime shake her head and tell you no, no if she doesn't feel like it (all with a smile on her face), gives hi-fives, loves to squeal loudly especially with Collin participating with her, loves her blankie and takes it all over the place with her, she will even put it in her mouth while crawling and she cries so hard if she drops it out of her bed, plays peek-a-boo with her blankie and our hands, dances all the time and will when you tell her to "shake, shake" and she has even been dancing to the kids singing to her, she is a BIG climber and will climb on all of her toys in ways that aren't intended and gets herself in some pickles. All in all she is and absolute joy!

I also have a few recent Benjamin cuties to share:

I was having a rough morning and had to get everyone ready in time for drama camp and things weren't going well. I was feeling all grumpy and then go outside to put Eva in her car seat and look down and see in sidewalk chalk "I love Jesus" on our driveway. Brought an immediate smile on my face and put things in perspective.

Me: I need to start on supper, so I'm going to go look for something fun to make.
B: You're going to start on supper already? But it's only 4:00.
Me I was thinking of making something fancier since Eva just went down for a nap.
B(nervously): Oh, okay. (pause) Even though, fancy usually doesn't mean a good thing for me cause fancy doesn't include things like peanut butter and jelly or pizza or mac and cheese.
Poor guy has such a difficult time being a picky eater. After his birthday party, we asked him what he wished for and he told us he wasn't supposed to tell us or it wouldn't come true but he probably could because he had been wishing it for awhile now and it wasn't. We both had our curiosity peeked at this point and then sadly, he tells us "I keep wishing that I'll like more foods. I REALLY want to." It was adorable and sad all at the same time!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Is Here

Goodbye beautiful spring....

Hello Summer! We have been having a blast playing outside in the water now that it is getting so warm. The kids had a grand time this day taking turns spraying each other with their whale pool. Collin's turn...

Got 'em! If only you could hear his laugh....oh, the joy!

Anna's out boys!

Oh, that's cold!

Finally, it's Benjamin's turn!

Collin cheated a little bit and ran off before getting too wet.

For my birthday, Dave surprised me by writing birthday messages all around the house in sidewalk chalk. The kids and I had great fun finding them throughout the day. It was a wonderful birthday!

Every couple of months I spend a Saturday shopping, making, and freezing baby food for Eva. The others were all napping, so my big guy helped me. He cut up two huge things of strawberries all by himself!

We packed a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon at the playground after church. Here's sweet Anna.

Benjamin loved climbing!

Anna joined in too.

This guy is W-I-L-D!

We all had fun spinning on this...

Handsome Benjamin.

Peek-a-boo! I see you Evie Bee.

Mr. Wild continued to have a blast and laughed so hard while swinging high.


Eva figured out how to sit in her chair! She plays with it everyday, all day now. She loves it!

Eva is soooo big! :)

She loves finger food!


More fun outside:  we packed another picnic and ate and played and then rode bikes. It was a really fun day! Eva doesn't let me get away, notice her grip on my shirt!

I tried to put her down to take some pictures of her since she doesn't mind the grass and will just crawl and crawl. She didn't feel like being without me that day though...

So, Benjamin came over and let me photograph his new haircut.

All while Eva continued to do this....

So we switched to the swing....

She loves to swing!

So happy!

She is so adorably sweet!

Collin got a new haircut too!

After our playground fun, they hopped on their bikes.

Benjamin has been pretty nervous about riding his new bike. I have been working with him at home but it was so nice to have this open area (with no hills!) to practice and Dave and Benjamin kept at it and he got it!

Yay Benjamin!

I think Anna rode the most, around and around she went no matter what the rest of us were doing or stopping for.

Eva hung out in my birthday present, a new jogging stroller, that we both love!

Around they go again....

It was great watching them have so much fun and jogging around with them. We are living blessed!